Thanks for the question. I got a list, so I hope you have time.

First of all, I want to see what most fans cry out for: Frost Giant Loki and him using his magic. And for that last thing, not some meager tricks, but his full blown Seidr powers.

I would love to see him as the anti-hero, balancing on the thin line between good and evil, just as he was in avengers but than less brainwashed. Mostly because I like his villain-y way of acting, but also because I think this arc was robbed from him in gagnarok.

I’d also love to see him rise above himself. Finally able to accept who he is, whatever that may be for him, and just go with it! I’d love to see him succeed in anything, because in every movie when he almost succeeded at something, he just fell down. There were some minor victories, but I think he deserves a victory that is bigger.

I’d love to see him go in full rage mode, because let’s be honest, even though he has been very angry in the movies, that is not nearly the rage that must be burning his veins.

I really would like (and sleep better probably), if he just threw Thor out of his life. Their relationship is toxic.

I want to see Loki happy for a moment, just a genuine laugh and not his laugh where he always just laughs his pain away. Just, real, happy, for once! It looked like he almost got that on Sakaar, but yet again it got snatched away from him.

I want him to be back in his Avengers or Dark World costume, because those were the ones I loved most!

But what i’d mostly would love to see, for A4, is that Loki’s horrible decision in A3 was just a scam. I want to see that time has been warped and that we start at the end of the first avengers again, that he just ditches Thor, and goes where-ever he wants to be. OR I’d want to see him get a worthy dead. Not just some stabby-stab with his knife and done, but a full blown fight, everything, and a worthy and logical death! I think in the end I just want a reset and get a story where we can pretend gagnarok and IW never ever happened!

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