Since you clearly have no use for Loki and would rather see him dead, than give him the storyline he deserves, I would like to propose an open adoption.

I am a very responsible adult. I have already raised two children. I am a home owner and I have a steady source of income. I would take excellent care of Loki. He could have his own room. I would feed him and make sure that he is healthy and safe. I do live in California, so he would need to use lots of sunscreen. I would see to it that he has plenty of books to read and things to occupy his time and stimulate his mind. I promise to keep him out of trouble and not let him take over the planet. 

I anxiously await your reply,


I live in Sweden, much closer to his habitual climate. May I propose a shared custody agreement?

He can spend winter with me, summer with you. How’s that?

Sounds perfect. Let’s make sure to synch up so he has a consistent sleep and food schedule.

Will we be setting up play dates for him?

Can he come visit Chicago for a week or two? There are some lovely hotels here and the weather is perfect right now.

Sure, we want him to experience the full gamut of Midgardian culture.

@juliabohemian, I feel really stupid. I read your first post, but then when I decided to reblog much later, I’d somehow completely forgotten you had Loki experiencing California already.

And if you’re in SoCal, you should probably be the one taking Loki to the beach. I’m in the bay area, so our water is significantly colder. Hmm, or maybe he’d like that? Maybe Loki can try both SoCal and NorCal beaches, just to get a feel for both. Hiking through the redwood forests is still on offer though, if Loki’s interested in coming up here.

Haha that’s okay. I feel like Northern and Southern California beaches are different enough from one another.

I offer myself for make our King experiencing the lovely Mediterranean climate of Italy. You know,… warm sun, sweet air, blue sea, beautiful places, books and tasty food.

You don’t have to worry…I will protect his delicate pale skin with the most soft, effective sunscreen.

Well shit here I am offering California when you’ve got Italy…hopefully we can share

Of course we can. Sharing is caring…

He may not feel entirely comfortable in New York City, but if he wants to visit here anyway he can stay with me.

Seriously, we need to rescue him from Marvel. Let’s write better stories for him to live in.

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