This blog was created to escape this life, this world, with Loki, and it’s going to continue to do exactly that. I don’t accept the bullshit that Marvel just expects us all to swallow. If they think killing him off is going to kill the love and loyalty, they are totally brainless. I don’t know why they’ve fixated on bestowing upon Loki “a hero’s death” or “heroic suicide” and why being a hero only = death for Loki. The thing they can’t realize is that Loki was already a hero in our eyes.

I would rather see him be the worst villain and BE VERY MUCH ALIVE, than this. Loki was already a hero to me, for they way he endured being neglected, ignored, second best, second choice, second loved, unloved, rejected, misunderstood, cast out, abandoned, tossed aside, and thrown away over and over and over again, and still got back up, and remained standing.  He wore his biting wit and sass and mischief like second skin, wore his heartbreak like a badge of courage and weilded it like the most deadliest weapon. It made him cold, it made him viscious, it made him crazy, it made him broken, it made him hurt, it made him die and come back. It made him wonderful. It made him mine. It made him ours.

I know none of this carries any weight with Marvel. I’m just another fangirl. To them we’re just fangirls fangirling, the bane of Marvel fan existence. To others, we’re “stans” and “apologists”. Whatever tag or label people want to give it doesn’t matter to me. Because I know all of this goes right over their heads. Loki wasn’t supposed to last this long or go this far, and the fact that he did is a big, proud middle finger to Marvel and others who didn’t believe and couldn’t see that this, that Loki, was much, much bigger than Marvel, a much bigger animal than Marvel could’ve ever hoped to harness. It’s out of their hands now, it has a life of its own. And they can downplay his powers, humiliate him, degrade him, water him down to appease the masses, even kill him, but that won’t change anything here. They truly underestimate Loki love. 

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