forgive my excessive Loki posts

I’m just working through my grief.

Is it remotely possible that the Russo brothers are attempting to extinguish all hope because they are hoping to fool Loki fans into thinking he’s dead a THIRD time and don’t want to seem predictable???? I mean is it possible that they are just fucking with the fans at this point? Could that be why their explanations are so poor?

I feel like if they had any interest in not being predictable…they wouldn’t have repeated the same storyline for Loki a third freaking time.

I think they’re genuinely just ignorant sociopaths with nothing to lose. 

That’s just it, though. They HAVE something to lose. They have a LOT to lose. They are a profit seeking entity. They literally need for people to buy what they are selling. Fans can make or break the success of a film. It happens all the time. If the franchise crashes and burns because of choices they make, their careers will probably not recover.

And if you don’t think a film can end a career, think again.  Back in the hayday of Lucas, Spielberg & Coppola, their was a fourth member who was just as popular & important, Michael Cemino.  He made a mediocre movie called Heaven’s Gate, which was critically reviled.  He never directed again.  

The thing is they are sure that whatever the hell they make at this point, fans wil buy. Because a lot of people are invested in mcu and its characters. They probably think that, losing a part of fandom won’t be a problem because after the shit they pulled IW, everyone will go to see what happens in the end, since no one wants to see that end for their beloved characters. Loki fans won’t be happy? Who cares.

Don’t be sorry @juliabohemian I did the same because I was so upset! And still am. Because this kind of attitude, so rude and disrespectful, they have it only towards Loki/Tom, because I didn’t heard any mean words or deed over any other character.

Did they say that RDJ is aging, perhaps? Or Hemsworth? Or Evans? Not that I know…

I’m actually feeling better about this today. The more I think about it, the more this seems like an elaborate ruse.

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