Can we talk some Loki parallels in Infinity War?

a.k.a. yes, I’m still in denial.

Someone has already discussed how the presentation of Vision’s body at the end mirrors the way Loki’s body is presented in the opening scenes: both dangling from Thanos’ grasp, not moving – in front of their loved ones.

This is not the only parallel Loki is involved in. 

At the beginning of the movie Loki retrieves the Tesseract from a pocket dimension and gives it up for Thor’s life – someone he denied loving for a very long time.

Near the end, Doctor Strange retrieves the time stone from a pocket dimension and gives it up for Tony’s life – someone, as he claimed before, he would never give up the stone for. 

(Shortly before, while fighting Thanos, Strange uses one for Loki’s trademark tricks – duplication spell.)

We already agreed that the way Loki is presented in this movie seems… a little bit off (to put it nicely). This might be a pure coincidence, a result of lazy writing and the writers’ obvious need to get rid of him as soon as possible, because he is a problematic character. But, since I live in the united states of denial and I still want to believe that this is not the end of my beloved trickster (or at least: that there was something more to his death), I will go deeper into this:

Loki has only a few lines in this movie and yet, he manages to repeat himself (and I will repeat myself as well because I talked about this before).

Scared Loki:

The sun will shine on us again (a way of comforting Thor)

Not Asgardian (a reminder of his true parentage)

Now we have an act of betrayal – the Hulk attack – and Loki disappears for a considerable amount of time. Again, this might be the result of lazy writing or whatever, they didn’t know how to use him, my point is:

When he reappears, walking from the shadows, his attitude has changed.

Cocky Loki:

The rightful king of Jotunheim (a reminder of his true parentage)

Odinson (a way of comforting Thor)

Another act of betrayal – the dagger fiasco. 

My question is: why? 

Why the same scenario? The only change being his attitude. Usually they wouldn’t give us the same information twice in such a short period of time. Again: is it just lazy writing

Couldn’t they just kill him off before the Hulk attack? I mean, I love the “we have a Hulk” reference, but come on. Loki already proved a) that he loves Thor – by surrendering the Tesseract, b) that he has come to terms with himself and his true nature (not Asgardian). It was also rather obvious that after Hulk, Thanos won’t be willing work with him again. 

And yet Loki goes to slaughter. 


What did you do in the shadows, Loki?

I enjoy all the fan theories and how they’re so much better than canon. In a way, this is what led to Loki being killed of in the first place: that the character and his fanbase were too clever for Marvel to manage.

Did I already reblog this? Lots of good ideas in here.

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