A Brief History of Arm Cutting in MCU

Thor: My brother once pretended to cut off my arm to stop me from using Mjolnir, a supposedly unstoppable and indestructible weapon. He also went for Thanos’s throat when he attacked him. So I’m going to stab Thanos in the chest because I want to look him in the eyes when life leaves his body and be dramatic. It’s not like the fate of half of the universe depends on it if I lose.

Tony: I had a built-in dagger in my suit which I used to cut off Mandarin’s arm when he was about to kill me. I also cut off Bucky’s metal arm by my arc reactor. So the genius plan for defeating Thanos is trying to pull of the gauntlet from his hand.

Avengers: Infinity War a.k.a the movie that reduced its characters’ intelligence just for the sake of the plot to have a guarantee that the audiance will show up for the second part. In other words, lazy writing for more money.


Loki: I’m a master sorcerer and my magical abilities include illusion manipulation, hypnosis, presence concealment, conjuration and telekinesis. I possess immense knowledge of and skill in wielding mystical artifacts and arcane lore. I have genius-level intellect and I’m a master manipulator. So I think it’s a good plan to attack Thanos with a tiny dagger. It’s not like I could overpower Odin with magic or sth.

If the audience would just say “fuck the second part” instead of coming back for more, maybe Marvel would learn a lesson. But I am not holding my breath…

I agree with all of this. Marvel writers really dropped the ball with IW.

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