Russo Brothers: “I mean I think it’s distressing for anyone who is working on something for the better part of a decade, but then again, I think anyone would also understand that you can’t continue to play these characters forever. We’re not… Comics you can keep re-drawing the characters the same age for decades, right. We’re all aging. And there are new ideas and new stories to tell. Look at the incredible success of Black Panther. There’s a new direction that the Marvel universe needs to go and that’s about specifics where society is today and how audiences react and the storytelling that is not the same as it was a decade ago. I think they can make much more interesting choices moving forward, when we close the final page of this book.”
(thanks @enchantedbyhiddles)

I’m also really bothered by the implication here that Loki is somehow passe and doesn’t fit into the stories people want to hear anymore. Which isn’t true, by the way, since about five thousand petitions to bring him back have been created and people have been begging for a Loki solo movie since 2011.

And I’m even more bothered by the way they’ve, intentionally or not, pitted Black Panther against Loki here, as if they’re saying, “We want more diverse stories, and Loki doesn’t fit that.” You know, as if we can’t somehow have BOTH. And, you know, as if a character who a whole lot of LGBTQ, women, and mentally ill fans love somehow doesn’t appeal to diversity. Like, that estimation of Loki’s Army is not just me projecting or guessing, either. A cursory look at his ginormous fanbase—which has only increased over seven years, by the way—will show that it crosses underrepresented and often unrepresented demographics.

And hell yes it would be new and interesting storytelling! Since when do comic book villains get movies (that aren’t hot messes like Suicide Squad, I mean)? Yes, yes, Loki is an antihero/antivillain now, but have these idiots seen Deadpool? Did they think the highest-grossing R-rated movie ever at the time it was released was a box office bomb or something? Audiences WANT more morally ambiguous protagonists! And they don’t have to be just an adult thing.

Like, fine. Give Loki something to do that isn’t family drama now that arc seems to have been concluded. Write him something to do that his Marvel incarnations haven’t done before. It’s not like we didn’t have an entire comic series called Agent of Asgard or anything.

And for goodness’s sake, don’t @ Tom Hiddleston with this ageism bullshit when half the cast is older than he is, or just as old, and you aren’t talking about killing their characters off or writing them out. Because 1) that makes no sense and 2) ties right into sexism when Loki has been made to look feminine and “pretty” instead of ruggedly handsome. I never thought a man would be hit by this kind of bullshit in 2018 when we’re finally having a conversation about how shit Hollywood is to women, but hey, I guess the Russos are equal opportunity like that. They sure are equal-opportunity fridging, anyway.

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