UGH. I just listened to this podcast and am so not happy.


And also language because I am furious.

This is just further proof that the Russo Brothers had no idea what the fuck to do with Loki. Their excuses were aging, can’t play the same character forever, and that was pretty much it.

I’M SORRY. Is that not the same for every other actor from the first original movies??? Don’t be making some lame ass excuse about aging when the godfather of Marvel is 53. THAT’S RIGHT; Robert Downey Jr. is 16 years older than Tom, so don’t tell me aging is an issue. Gwyneth Paltrow is 45 and that character could have been written off years ago, just like Jane Foster and all the other girlfriend characters did. Loki is in all honesty, the most iconic film villain since Heath Ledger played The Joker, and if he were still alive today (RIP) I’m sure he could have continued his legacy of his character as Tom has done with Loki over the past 9 years.

Tom has given such dedication and depth to Loki that it is probably a part of him. I can’t imagine having to shut something off like that so abruptly and so flippantly without feeling some sadness and loss. I wish there was a way we could help him understand how mutually disappointed we all feel.

Secondly, Josh Horowitz is such a fan of Tom’s and you could tell he was really wanting the Russo‘s to address the issue with killing off Loki. He was very professional as an interviewer and host of the podcast, but you know he was just as shocked and disappointed to see the character treated that way. He made sure they talked about it in depth, not just skirted around the situation like they did in the movie. I’m sure Horowitz is having the same feels as we are. He has such a bromance with Tom and it is the cutest.

Anyway, there is no fucking way, Loki is coming back. This interview just really confirms it and I just don’t understand why they put so much effort and thought it to all the other characters, but not Loki. They even talked about how Scarlett Witch’s accent was changed because she was under cover. They talked about how Black Widow’s hair color changed because she was also under cover, and if they put that much thought into those little details, then why couldn’t they have given Loki just a shred more of dignity and respect. I understand having to kill a character off, but they obviously didn’t know what the fuck they were doing.

Back to feeling numb. What the fuck.

They like to talk shit right out of their asses! This is so just wrong! I can’t believe it.

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