Russos in the beginning talking about Loki in IW. “No More Resurrections” was intended to be fourth wall breaking, Loki’s dead dead, Tom was upset about Loki getting offed.

Thanks, guys. Thanks for like. Rubbing it in. I mean, I knew it already, but it just feels unnecessarily harsh to be like, “No, you Loki fans specifically SHOULD abandon all hope.”

Seriously the more I think about this the madder I get. The Russos just fundamentally Do Not Get It. They don’t get anything. They don’t get why Loki was a fan favorite (oh but his fans are mostly women so who cares amirite), they don’t get that Thor doesn’t NEED manpain to be a hero HE JUST FUCKING IS ONE ALREADY THANKS, they don’t get that the villain they made is disgusting, they don’t get that we care more about the characters than the plot, they basically just don’t get anything about what made people love these heroes in the first place.

And I’m still super salty about how that “no more resurrections” line was a very pointed and specific “fuck you.” Thanks, guys. Really. Thanks. I hadn’t quite gotten that yet. And to insult Hiddles on top of it, like he hasn’t killed it in every appearance as Loki and also spoken nothing but good words about his experience working with Marvel in like every interview.

Don’t even get me started on what kind of shitbags they must be IRL to think that Thanos’s “arc” made him “sympathetic.” All it does it try to legitimize abusers and it revolts me on a visceral level.

I agree with everything OP says, and with most of the stuff in the comments, however…..

I think we can all rant on the internet until the cows come home, or until the day we turn blue in the face. Marvel, Disney, the Russos, Feige and the like will give a flying fuck. And why should they, now that they’ve filled their satchels and wiped their hands on this franchise?

Seriously, we all knew what was going to happen to Loki. We all saw how Tom was being treated through the promo tour (and I daresay throughout the filming as well, and to me all this already started in Ragnarök, but don’t get me started). And yet every one of us who went and watched this….thing…in theaters basically rewarded Marvel’s ass by making IW’s the biggest opening weekend in the history of whatever. Of course they care shit about people’s opinions afterwards! Why should they? They already have our money, that’s what counts for them and nothing else.

And this is why, if we want them to take us seriously, we need to hit them where it really hurts. Instead of ranting away on the internet, rather don’t go and buy the Infinity War DVD. Don’t buy tickets for the next Avengers. Don’t go and see any Marvel or Russo Bros film ever again. Check for any involvement of Feige, or any of the writers, and don’t watch anything they’ve got their fingers in. Don’t buy any Marvel merchandise anymore. Don’t give them a dime’s worth of your money, and be vocal about it. Send them e-mails. “Hello, how nice you’ve got a new film out. I’m not going to see it because you treated fans and actors horribly last time and this is unacceptable.”

Send them this every.single.fucking.time, ten times a day. Post it on Twitter and tag the officials. Take it where they see it, and make it known. Make IW2 the biggest fail in Marvel history. Give them back what they gave us.

We are not only fans, we are consumers. We have the power, not they. It’s about time we show them.

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