marvel is disney’s forever cash cow! it appeals to children, teens, and sweaty adults! it’s all quite loud and colorful, with the same safe formula every time, but with different directors and tweaks to make it whatever the fuck memorable each time. plus the reliance on violence to push the plot will give them those dank US military checks until explosions go extinct. truly we live in horrific times but i don’t really care 

thank u all for letting me know the military quit cutting checks for the MCU after Avengers because they got offended bc the fictional magic men are an alternative to the american military. i’m sorry i was misinformed but more importantly that’s really, really, really, really, really fucking funny

Really (about military)?😕 I am not even surprise because Captain America The Winter Soldier is lowkey critic of it.

They actually namedrop Operation Paperclip in Winter Soldier, which shocked me when I watched it the first time— when Zola talks about how the Nazi-analogue group Hydra survived in plain sight, with direct approval from the US government on top of its infiltration into the government itself.

Operation Paperclip irl was a (now declassified) government ratline program where the US selected notable Nazi scientists, engineers, etc., to sponsor for American immigration with new identities to protect & hide their old identities, sparing them from punishment for their war crimes so long as they continued their work here on behalf of the American government rather than the Third Reich.

I remember watching the film & going, “Ah, so that’s why there’s fewer government vehicles & military extras than is the standard for scenes of this scale, they gave up the DOD money.”

All of which—

  • positioning Captain America in direct opposition to a fake government agency infiltrated by fake Nazis & saying that the Nazis corrupted everything so badly that he had to throw the whole agency away…
  • and then that pissing off real government & military officials, who methinks doth protest too much;
  • (because those military personnel were/are still touchy over public perception of what the US gov’t. actually did during & after WW2, versus the myth of American heroism pushed by mainstream media & public education in this country; the truth disrupts the status quo, even with make believe Nazis, and thus unacceptable)
  • and who then decided to take away funds they had previously earmarked for this franchise back when they were happy to use it as positive propaganda/for recruitment & advertisement

is, in fact, really, really, really, really, really fucking funny.

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