I’ve had this heart-wrenching thought banging around in my brain for a few days now, and I’m sorry that I’m going to share it with you now.

If Loki’s IW death is real, I refuse to believe he was simply stupid enough to think he could attack Thanos with a dagger and win. If it was real, Loki wanted to die. This was just his latest suicide attempt, and this time it finally worked.

In the first Thor movie, he let go- thinking falling through the void would take his life. But he fell straight into Thanos’ hands. (And I’ve already mentioned how I believe Thanos may have killed Loki more than once while he was torturing Loki)

In Avenger’s, Loki provoked every single one of the Avengers in the way he knew would piss them off the most. Was he secretly trying to see if they could kill him? He did make the comment to Thor- “ The humans think us immortal- shall we test that?” Maybe he genuinely wanted to know.

Then in TTDW, during his talk with Odin, he says- “If I’m for the ax, then for mercy’s sake just swing it.” It’s almost as if he’s begging Odin to kill him rather than lock him in the dungeons with… Himself. Afterwards, Loki does “die,” and if you take the fact that he was avenging his mother out of the equation, that death was just as ridiculous as the one in IW. He sees Thor being beaten down by Kurse, and he runs straight over, impales Kurse and… Just stands there. It’s almost as if he’s ASKING Kurse to do what he did.

So if you think about it in these terms, his death in IW only had to be good enough to trick Thor into believing it wasn’t a suicide. He killed two birds with one stone. He gave his life for his brother and finally, finally found some peace.

I’m not saying I believe this. It’s just something my asshole brain has been hurting me with lately. Cry with me.

Makes sense. :/

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