The Russos didn’t let us say goodbye

I hate the Russos and I don’t hate them because they killed our favourite character,endings are not always happy… kill him please I don’t care ( actually I do but that’s not the point). When you have a character so interesting, with so much depth and so many fans, you can’t kill him like that! We had to say goodbye, we had to see him saying it to us and they had to respect Tom’s right to say his goodbye as well because he lived his character so much. I wanted loki to be sassy like in dark world, to see him emotional like in Thor 1 and even a little evil because he is kind of a villain… To see him accept his jotün form and turn blue like in the first movie and be okay with it. To cast illusions and throw knives and so some really cool magic. I would love to have this nostalgic feeling and then he would have a proper death because he was the heart of Thor movies and he was the heart of the avengers first movie too and he deserved so fucking better

This, THIS, THIS!!!

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