Here’s why Loki’s death frustrates me.

It wasn’t done to complete his character arc. I could even forgive that oversight if it was done for the sake of Thor’s, but that wasn’t what the writers were going for.

No, the reason Loki died in Infinity War was because he was the main villain in Avengers 1. He was MCU’s Big Bad back in the day. MCU has a problem with less-than-memorable villains, so they decided the best way to make Thanos memorable was to have him dispose of Loki without breaking a sweat.

That’s it. That’s the whole reason they stripped Loki of all his intellect and power. “Oh, you thought Loki was badass and super cool? Haha, check this guy out, rawwwwr.

This is child logic. This is how my two-year-old son plays with his toys.

See, my thinking is, Loki has pretty much always upstaged everyone in every movie he’s in, and TPTB didn’t want any competition for Thanos. I just get this vibe from Marvel, that instead of being glad to have him they’re tired of him. Meanwhile RDJ is literally barging into other character’s movies but that’s ok apparently.

I can buy into that theory.

Tom’s acting was also uncharacteristically flat in Ragnarok. I kept wondering if they asked him to tone it down so that he wouldn’t steal the show.

I feel as though they kind of gave Loki The Fallen Woman plot line, which is appropriate given that he’s pretty well been coded queer in the storyline. He falls from grace. He gets redeemed. But we all know that for the Fallen Woman, redemption is never enough. She must be punished, which nearly always means she dies. See Moll Flanders. See Roxanne. See Ruth. See, in fact, a huge pile of Victorian novels. See Psycho, in fact. 


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