Groups in their audience that the choices in Infinity War and subsequent publicity statements have made it clear the Russos and Feige obviously don’t give a damn about:

  • People of color
  • LGBTQIA of all kinds
  • Women
  • Loki’s fans
  • All people age 37 and over
  • Disenfranchised, alienated people
  • People with abuse or rejection trauma
  • People who enjoy good writing more than unnecessary violence
  • Anybody who isn’t an 18-35 year old white cishet male with a lot of disposable income and a boner for Thanos

Seriously.  If you’re in any of those groups, you should stop supporting the MCU with your money.

I belong to all but one of those groups, and I haven’t given Marvel a cent since TDW came out. And won’t.

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