honestly 2017 has been such a ride that the pentagon just admitted they had a ufo department and the head of it says they found aliens and I’m just like “hm. okay I guess”

You gotta wonder what they’re preparing us for.


2016: fearing your favourite celebrity is dead when you see his name trending

2017: fearing your favourite celebrity is a rapist when you see his name trending


Every newspaper headline for the last year has been the headline a time traveler sees when he gets back to the present and realizes he did something terribly wrong.






NASA: we used to have 9 planets but we now only have 8
Pluto: Stop telling everyone I’m not a planet!
NASA: Sometimes we can still hear its voice

Look, I’m not saying that demoting a planet named after the Roman god of Death stoked his rage and brought down on us his vengeful fury and retribution but…

*gestures at everything*

Finally, an explanation.

Pluto is, if anything Lawful Lawful and would support the proper taxonomy and classification of planets. It’s kind of his thing.

^^^ THIS