I’ve got a pile of stuff, mostly solarpunk, queued. I’m gonna sign out for a few days or maybe a couple weeks until the first reactions to Ragnarok have died out.

People, please don’t do that to yourself. You’re good people, you don’t deserve to sit through a Marvel movie.

So now that solarpunk has inspired me, over the next week or so I’m going to go through my “technology” and “science” tags and reblog old posts that are relevant. I’ve already re-queued a few things that I think solarpunks will find very interesting. ^-^

OK, just decided to clean my follow list with the help of friendorfollow.com and I unfollowed most tumblrs that don’t follow me back.

Then I checked on who follows me that I don’t follow back, and it turned out I wasn’t following some people who I thought I was. This was probably caused by clicking the wrong thing; I’m not sure how that happens, but it’s happened a few times with the tumblr of one of my besties, so evidently it does. So I’m following everyone back. Sorry about that. #-#

OK, guys, just a few more anti-Marvel posts queued and then you can look forward to kittens and Stucky and Loki.

Maybe I should find some Winterfrost.

OK, I’ve got I think a day and a half of posts queued. A lot of venting about Marvel’s fuckery, interspersed with cute animals.

OK, I have a few more posts about fridging queued, and then a bunch of funny or interesting stuff to cheer us up. Also some kitties. K? K.

I’m gonna log out and try not to internet much for a few days. I have a couple days’ worth of stuff, mostly fun stuff to help keep our spirits up, queued. See you guys later.

I keep trying to write up some thoughts but I really don’t think I have anything to contribute that others haven’t already said better.

So instead I’ve queued at least a day’s worth of pictures of cute animals and pretty flowers. Probably the most helpful thing I’m currently capable of doing.

OK, I queued some kitties and fandom stuff. We gotta have our fun these days.

Maybe I’ll add some gorgeous landscapes. Like this post if you want me to do that.

Then I think I might indulge in writing a Crimson Peak threesome. Maybe.