Imagine your icon dying in your arms. With their last breath… they whisper in your ear… your blog title.

This would be Anthea whispering, “The slash… it burns.”

I’ve been looking for movies that feature Anthea from Sherlock. The actress’s name is Lisa McAllister, but for me she will always be Anthea.

Her first movie was a direct-to-dvd clunker called Number One Girl. Here is what is good about it: 1. Anthea in a swimsuit. 2. Mr. Miyagi saying a bad word.

Unless you’re just seriously infatuated with Anthea, and have a fast-forward button, don’t see it. It mostly isn’t even funny, though I did guffaw when the bad guy (a gangster who ran a beauty contest Anthea was in) got pissed off that the hero was snogging Anthea and coped by firing his gun several times in a packed theater, on live television. Then he challenged the hero to fight to the death with five minions who were all superfighters of one kind or another. The ‘roids must’ve gone to their heads, because the superfighters didn’t see any problem with killing someone on live tv either. I was actually surprised that they actually showed cops trying to break into the place to put a stop to it, because I was starting to think this movie was set in the Running Man universe.

Oh, there was another ridiculous moment when one of the tech guys in the room with the broadcasting equipment asked the other, “That guy has a gun to the girl’s head. Is this still entertainment?” And the other guy looked like he was having some kind of moral revelation. Like he had to seriously ponder the answer.

Oh, also, it turned out the gun wasn’t loaded, and the baddie holding it kept pulling the trigger, pausing, then pulling it a few more times. I dunno, maybe he thought it was like a car, where sometimes if you keep messing with the ignition it’ll eventually vroom. Whoever taught him to shoot guns should have explained how bullets work to him.


Imagine your icon following you around trying to convince you to go out with them

Gosh. She’d have to follow me for at least .00000001 seconds before I broke down and gave in.