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This is so good. The video even notices that Peter Venkman is a rapist. And it caught something I missed. I was aghast that Peter roofied Dana after having sex with her while she was possessed by Zuul, but this vid points out that Peter had Thorazine with him on a date. It wasn’t a poor decision made on impulse to prevent Zuul from rampaging through the streets; he showed up at her apartment planning to rape her before he knew she was possessed.


The original-Ghostbusters fans complaining that the new one has too
many “low brow” “crude” humor, um… I’m… I’m not sure they’ve SEEN
the original. Because, um. I have some terrible news, manbabies.
Terrible terrible cheap-dick-jokes-everywhere news.

Liveblogging original Ghostbusters

The “hero” reacts to the arrival of the Big Bad by telling one of his comrades to handle it for him.

Never mind “why was Venkman even in this movie”; why did Bill Murray consent to play such a douchebag?

I know zip about Bill Murray as a human being, so I can’t really speculate.

Liveblogging original Ghostbusters

“Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!”

I do love that line. So this movie has one good thing about it.

ETA: Two good things: I always thought the line about “You will have saved the lives of millions of registered voters” was funny.