I read the reddit spoilers. Upset doesn’t even begin to cover it. To say that I’m angry is an understatement. I’m fucking furious! But I’m waiting for more reliable sources to confirm them. Like some websites or the people I know here. So if you saw iw please msg me.

These are both very logical (perfectly explaining some trailer scenes) and completely uninspired in a generic superhero movie way. I think they’re 100% legit.

How does reddit react to it? I’m curious to know if only our side of fandom is angry or if the movie is going to be more widely criticized.

The movie is gonna be venerated. Typical male comic fans care zilch for Loki, he’s a “fangirls fave”. They figured his death out ages ago (it was pretty obvious in trailers). The two people loudly complaining are being treated as pussies and false Marvel fans.

Oh, they are a bit pissed because apparently there isn’t enough Hulk in it, and Hawkeye is a no show.

This movie is gonna make 2 billion and Loki will be effectively forgotten because people are gonna cry about the ash-deaths of big names and be happy when the ash-deaths are reversed. Loki’s the only goddamn death that will remain the true death that cannot be undone. Good job, Marvel.

Thank you, sounds about right. (I hate this timeline)

Also probably Gamora also won’t be undone. And I predict at least in Avengers 4 some of the main old heroes will die saving new ones??

Gamora might be undone if she’s “inside” the soul stone or some bullshit. Also, she’s the lead female of the Guardians. At the very least, they’ll spend the Guardians 3 trying to revive her.

And it’s not like I can’t vote at least 3 scenarios where Loki is revived also, but I refuse to happy speculate because Marvel will 100% not go for it. They just don’t care / don’t know what to do with Loki.

Lol I feel very bad about it but I was confusing Nebula’s and Gamora’s names all day long and thought it was Nebula who is dead. Tottaly agree about Gamora now, she is the one who might and probably will be brought back (Though not gonna celebrate Nebula being alive cause Marvel can easily kill her later while she is saving her sister). Not because it’s logical in any way, but because it’s Marvel.

And it’s not like I can’t vote at least 3 scenarios where Loki is revived also, but I refuse to happy speculate because Marvel will 100% not go for it. They just don’t care / don’t know what to do with Loki.

It’s funny how I can still come up with ideas and theories how this whole mess still might be fixed in Avengers4 (how we all did it with Ragnarog in anticipation for IW, fools), but I just don’t have any trust or respect for Marvel anymore. They will go the laziest and easiest way. If there still are any overused the most irritating tropes

left at that time that you haven’t seen be prepared to see it in the next film.



In lieu of the idiotic fridging of our beloved character here is a proposal for a protest campaign: let’s send Marvel, Feige, Russos and everyone involved HORNS. Photos of horns, drawings of horns, cheap plastic Viking horns, just the word HORNS… You name it.

I love this idea 



The Russos didn’t let us say goodbye

I hate the Russos and I don’t hate them because they killed our favourite character,endings are not always happy… kill him please I don’t care ( actually I do but that’s not the point). When you have a character so interesting, with so much depth and so many fans, you can’t kill him like that! We had to say goodbye, we had to see him saying it to us and they had to respect Tom’s right to say his goodbye as well because he lived his character so much. I wanted loki to be sassy like in dark world, to see him emotional like in Thor 1 and even a little evil because he is kind of a villain… To see him accept his jotün form and turn blue like in the first movie and be okay with it. To cast illusions and throw knives and so some really cool magic. I would love to have this nostalgic feeling and then he would have a proper death because he was the heart of Thor movies and he was the heart of the avengers first movie too and he deserved so fucking better

This, THIS, THIS!!!


I don’t know why anyone’s surprised that the Russos think Thor’s at fault. The Russos gave Thor and Loki and Quill and Gamora the same relationship arcs. Both Loki and Gamora get fridged for Thanos’ character and their brother/love interest’s Manpain™. Both Quill and Thor fail to do what they’re supposed to because they’re so upset that they can’t do what needs to be done. Quill ruins everything after realizing Thanos killed the love of his life. Thor ruins everything because he wants to kill Thanos slowly, intimately, to avenge Loki and everyone else he loves.

They fridge characters for Manpain™, then condemn Quill and Thor for experiencing that pain.

What pisses me off more is that Loki and Gamora should be the ones fucking killing Thanos, or at least facilitating the formation of a strategy. They’re so wasted in this movie. So fucking wasted. Imagine having three characters (Loki, Gamora, and Nebula) who’ve spent time with the bad guy–who know the bad guy–and throwing them away/hardly using them. Why is Strange the only one with the plan?









forgive my excessive Loki posts

I’m just working through my grief.

Is it remotely possible that the Russo brothers are attempting to extinguish all hope because they are hoping to fool Loki fans into thinking he’s dead a THIRD time and don’t want to seem predictable???? I mean is it possible that they are just fucking with the fans at this point? Could that be why their explanations are so poor?

I feel like if they had any interest in not being predictable…they wouldn’t have repeated the same storyline for Loki a third freaking time.

I think they’re genuinely just ignorant sociopaths with nothing to lose. 

That’s just it, though. They HAVE something to lose. They have a LOT to lose. They are a profit seeking entity. They literally need for people to buy what they are selling. Fans can make or break the success of a film. It happens all the time. If the franchise crashes and burns because of choices they make, their careers will probably not recover.

And if you don’t think a film can end a career, think again.  Back in the hayday of Lucas, Spielberg & Coppola, their was a fourth member who was just as popular & important, Michael Cemino.  He made a mediocre movie called Heaven’s Gate, which was critically reviled.  He never directed again.  

The thing is they are sure that whatever the hell they make at this point, fans wil buy. Because a lot of people are invested in mcu and its characters. They probably think that, losing a part of fandom won’t be a problem because after the shit they pulled IW, everyone will go to see what happens in the end, since no one wants to see that end for their beloved characters. Loki fans won’t be happy? Who cares.

Don’t be sorry @juliabohemian I did the same because I was so upset! And still am. Because this kind of attitude, so rude and disrespectful, they have it only towards Loki/Tom, because I didn’t heard any mean words or deed over any other character.

Did they say that RDJ is aging, perhaps? Or Hemsworth? Or Evans? Not that I know…

I’m actually feeling better about this today. The more I think about it, the more this seems like an elaborate ruse.




Just saying….






Can we talk some Loki parallels in Infinity War?

a.k.a. yes, I’m still in denial.

Someone has already discussed how the presentation of Vision’s body at the end mirrors the way Loki’s body is presented in the opening scenes: both dangling from Thanos’ grasp, not moving – in front of their loved ones.

This is not the only parallel Loki is involved in. 

At the beginning of the movie Loki retrieves the Tesseract from a pocket dimension and gives it up for Thor’s life – someone he denied loving for a very long time.

Near the end, Doctor Strange retrieves the time stone from a pocket dimension and gives it up for Tony’s life – someone, as he claimed before, he would never give up the stone for. 

(Shortly before, while fighting Thanos, Strange uses one for Loki’s trademark tricks – duplication spell.)

We already agreed that the way Loki is presented in this movie seems… a little bit off (to put it nicely). This might be a pure coincidence, a result of lazy writing and the writers’ obvious need to get rid of him as soon as possible, because he is a problematic character. But, since I live in the united states of denial and I still want to believe that this is not the end of my beloved trickster (or at least: that there was something more to his death), I will go deeper into this:

Loki has only a few lines in this movie and yet, he manages to repeat himself (and I will repeat myself as well because I talked about this before).

Scared Loki:

The sun will shine on us again (a way of comforting Thor)

Not Asgardian (a reminder of his true parentage)

Now we have an act of betrayal – the Hulk attack – and Loki disappears for a considerable amount of time. Again, this might be the result of lazy writing or whatever, they didn’t know how to use him, my point is:

When he reappears, walking from the shadows, his attitude has changed.

Cocky Loki:

The rightful king of Jotunheim (a reminder of his true parentage)

Odinson (a way of comforting Thor)

Another act of betrayal – the dagger fiasco. 

My question is: why? 

Why the same scenario? The only change being his attitude. Usually they wouldn’t give us the same information twice in such a short period of time. Again: is it just lazy writing

Couldn’t they just kill him off before the Hulk attack? I mean, I love the “we have a Hulk” reference, but come on. Loki already proved a) that he loves Thor – by surrendering the Tesseract, b) that he has come to terms with himself and his true nature (not Asgardian). It was also rather obvious that after Hulk, Thanos won’t be willing work with him again. 

And yet Loki goes to slaughter. 


What did you do in the shadows, Loki?

I enjoy all the fan theories and how they’re so much better than canon. In a way, this is what led to Loki being killed of in the first place: that the character and his fanbase were too clever for Marvel to manage.

Did I already reblog this? Lots of good ideas in here.



Me: *has to cope*

Me: ‎writes fics where Loki comes back with a cake and a balloon and a wide grin “surpriiiiiiiise!” he says as Thor looks him in the eye and does that thing with his jaw and walks angrily towards Loki who is now pacing backwards mumbling, “perhaps I should have called first” and Thor just angrily walks up to him and hugs him and thats that.

“I thought I’d lost you brother.” He says softly as he huge Loki. Loki is taken by surprise but he recovers.

“Me too” he replies and slowly brings his hands to rest on Thor and he hugs Thor back, a smile breaking on his lips.

That’s it. That’s all. That’s all I ask for but can’t get so I gotta produce it myself.