Here’s why Loki’s death frustrates me.

It wasn’t done to complete his character arc. I could even forgive that oversight if it was done for the sake of Thor’s, but that wasn’t what the writers were going for.

No, the reason Loki died in Infinity War was because he was the main villain in Avengers 1. He was MCU’s Big Bad back in the day. MCU has a problem with less-than-memorable villains, so they decided the best way to make Thanos memorable was to have him dispose of Loki without breaking a sweat.

That’s it. That’s the whole reason they stripped Loki of all his intellect and power. “Oh, you thought Loki was badass and super cool? Haha, check this guy out, rawwwwr.

This is child logic. This is how my two-year-old son plays with his toys.

See, my thinking is, Loki has pretty much always upstaged everyone in every movie he’s in, and TPTB didn’t want any competition for Thanos. I just get this vibe from Marvel, that instead of being glad to have him they’re tired of him. Meanwhile RDJ is literally barging into other character’s movies but that’s ok apparently.

I can buy into that theory.

Tom’s acting was also uncharacteristically flat in Ragnarok. I kept wondering if they asked him to tone it down so that he wouldn’t steal the show.

I feel as though they kind of gave Loki The Fallen Woman plot line, which is appropriate given that he’s pretty well been coded queer in the storyline. He falls from grace. He gets redeemed. But we all know that for the Fallen Woman, redemption is never enough. She must be punished, which nearly always means she dies. See Moll Flanders. See Roxanne. See Ruth. See, in fact, a huge pile of Victorian novels. See Psycho, in fact. 






People whose faves are still alive or obviously resurrectable keep saying things like “the dead should stay dead, otherwise there are no stakes”? I hope you get a taste of your own medicine. See how you like the stakes then.

⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️THIS. THANK YOU. I’m so sick of seeing this. My poor heart is broken and these rude ass people have zero empathy.

Yes. And I feel bad because a part of me wants everyone else to stay dead too, because if I have to lose Loki then they should feel the same loss.

H wasn’t just some minor character dammit, to many of us he was The major character. 😦

Looking back at the original movies, 2 out of 3 main Avengers all have intact supporting casts even now. Tony has Pepper, Happy and Rodey. Steve has/will have Bucky and Sam (not counting Peggy as her aging was inevitable always). Thor has lost everyone, unnecessarily, and is having a substitute (Valkyrie) pushed into his narrative (?!?? wtf?!?).

Loki as a character is way more popular than Tony’s clique. More fledged out than Steve’s clique (not gonna open the popularity box on Bucky, nope, but Bucky has half the narrative mileage). His actor is obviously interested in keep playing him and in to way a PR nightmare as some of the others. Yet he is the one getting the short end of the stick. Makes one wonder, right?

Too. Fucking. Popular. With. Female. Audiences.


Considering Marvel and their villains.

Their villains were boring not because they weren’t sympathetic enough. You can have a fascinating villains that are evil just because, without excuses. Marvel’s villains were boring because they didn’t put any effort in them.

Why it’s hard for me to respect Marvel is because they don’t really love their own stories and characters and are not interesting in developing them. They are just looking for easy formulas that will help to gather the most amount of money they can.

Loki became popular? He was sympathetic? Lets make our next villains sympathetic then, no matter if that makes any sense or not!!

Thanos could have became a great terrifying villain without all of that


nonsense, but Marvel is blinded by that idea of easy formula, so we got what we got.








I read the reddit spoilers. Upset doesn’t even begin to cover it. To say that I’m angry is an understatement. I’m fucking furious! But I’m waiting for more reliable sources to confirm them. Like some websites or the people I know here. So if you saw iw please msg me.

These are both very logical (perfectly explaining some trailer scenes) and completely uninspired in a generic superhero movie way. I think they’re 100% legit.

How does reddit react to it? I’m curious to know if only our side of fandom is angry or if the movie is going to be more widely criticized.

The movie is gonna be venerated. Typical male comic fans care zilch for Loki, he’s a “fangirls fave”. They figured his death out ages ago (it was pretty obvious in trailers). The two people loudly complaining are being treated as pussies and false Marvel fans.

Oh, they are a bit pissed because apparently there isn’t enough Hulk in it, and Hawkeye is a no show.

This movie is gonna make 2 billion and Loki will be effectively forgotten because people are gonna cry about the ash-deaths of big names and be happy when the ash-deaths are reversed. Loki’s the only goddamn death that will remain the true death that cannot be undone. Good job, Marvel.

Thank you, sounds about right. (I hate this timeline)

Also probably Gamora also won’t be undone. And I predict at least in Avengers 4 some of the main old heroes will die saving new ones??

Gamora might be undone if she’s “inside” the soul stone or some bullshit. Also, she’s the lead female of the Guardians. At the very least, they’ll spend the Guardians 3 trying to revive her.

And it’s not like I can’t vote at least 3 scenarios where Loki is revived also, but I refuse to happy speculate because Marvel will 100% not go for it. They just don’t care / don’t know what to do with Loki.

Lol I feel very bad about it but I was confusing Nebula’s and Gamora’s names all day long and thought it was Nebula who is dead. Tottaly agree about Gamora now, she is the one who might and probably will be brought back (Though not gonna celebrate Nebula being alive cause Marvel can easily kill her later while she is saving her sister). Not because it’s logical in any way, but because it’s Marvel.

And it’s not like I can’t vote at least 3 scenarios where Loki is revived also, but I refuse to happy speculate because Marvel will 100% not go for it. They just don’t care / don’t know what to do with Loki.

It’s funny how I can still come up with ideas and theories how this whole mess still might be fixed in Avengers4 (how we all did it with Ragnarog in anticipation for IW, fools), but I just don’t have any trust or respect for Marvel anymore. They will go the laziest and easiest way. If there still are any overused the most irritating tropes

left at that time that you haven’t seen be prepared to see it in the next film.



In lieu of the idiotic fridging of our beloved character here is a proposal for a protest campaign: let’s send Marvel, Feige, Russos and everyone involved HORNS. Photos of horns, drawings of horns, cheap plastic Viking horns, just the word HORNS… You name it.

I love this idea 









forgive my excessive Loki posts

I’m just working through my grief.

Is it remotely possible that the Russo brothers are attempting to extinguish all hope because they are hoping to fool Loki fans into thinking he’s dead a THIRD time and don’t want to seem predictable???? I mean is it possible that they are just fucking with the fans at this point? Could that be why their explanations are so poor?

I feel like if they had any interest in not being predictable…they wouldn’t have repeated the same storyline for Loki a third freaking time.

I think they’re genuinely just ignorant sociopaths with nothing to lose. 

That’s just it, though. They HAVE something to lose. They have a LOT to lose. They are a profit seeking entity. They literally need for people to buy what they are selling. Fans can make or break the success of a film. It happens all the time. If the franchise crashes and burns because of choices they make, their careers will probably not recover.

And if you don’t think a film can end a career, think again.  Back in the hayday of Lucas, Spielberg & Coppola, their was a fourth member who was just as popular & important, Michael Cemino.  He made a mediocre movie called Heaven’s Gate, which was critically reviled.  He never directed again.  

The thing is they are sure that whatever the hell they make at this point, fans wil buy. Because a lot of people are invested in mcu and its characters. They probably think that, losing a part of fandom won’t be a problem because after the shit they pulled IW, everyone will go to see what happens in the end, since no one wants to see that end for their beloved characters. Loki fans won’t be happy? Who cares.

Don’t be sorry @juliabohemian I did the same because I was so upset! And still am. Because this kind of attitude, so rude and disrespectful, they have it only towards Loki/Tom, because I didn’t heard any mean words or deed over any other character.

Did they say that RDJ is aging, perhaps? Or Hemsworth? Or Evans? Not that I know…

I’m actually feeling better about this today. The more I think about it, the more this seems like an elaborate ruse.




Just saying….





It’s funny. Six months ago Loki stans were pissed off about his characterization in Ragnarok, thinking that he couldn’t possibly have been handled any worse, and now fast forward to Infinity War and we’re all just like


I’d want to go back to here

And just let it be a happy ending.



Loki doesn’t need Marvel approval for being worthy. Nor dying for Thor will makes him finally redeemed at the audience’s eyes.

Or makes him more “acceptable”.

He’s always been worthy, and a redemption for being himself would be a final act of disrespect towards him.

Let Loki live and YOU, Marvel, will be redeemed at MY eyes.

Time to say this again.