Avengers Infinity War BBC Interview:
Tom Hiddleston Talks about “The Tragedy of Loki” Scene

Int: And then Matt Damon, surely that must have been a pinch yourself…

Tom: It was very weird, yeah, very peculiar. Taika and I were both feeding him lines of things that I have said over the course of… And I was of course trying to give Matt really witty lines, like, “It would be fun if you said this because I said this in Avengers,” and Taika would just be like, “Nah,” and giving him much funnier things to say.


I don’t want to bring Loki back and let him fall into the wrong hands again. I wish that beautiful death scene in The Dark World was true with his last words “I didn’t do it for him.”

Translation: “I was trying to keep the character consistent and Waititi shat all over that again and again”.


Also I’d like to know WHY the heck Marvel and TW hate this amazing character so much. And why they try in every possible way to put him in bad light, demeanor him and cut him off so blatantly from plots.

They should be grateful to him and Tom for brought them fans and money.


The comments on this is so fucking funny. Taika breathed new life into Loki. Y’all boring asses should be grateful.

Tom: Taika is funnier than me and all the other writers and directors I’ve played this character for.

Loki Stan’s: buhbuh he wasn’t a bland pretentious baddie for us to wet ourselves overrrrrrr.

I forgot about the smile after the snake story! You’re totally right, @sleepynegress. Best Loki scene.

This movie is the only time he actually seemed like an interesting, conflicted trickster instead of a greasy asshole.


@njadakas-grills @gaysunfire @vocifersaurus @sleepynegress  @bana05 Sorry to break all your delusions. 😉👇


is this graph supposed to mean something to me?

The only thing I see is that a majority of Loki stans are only interested in seeing him reduced to a genocidal fascist Christian Gray wannabe

i think taika did a good job at writing canon loki.

no, not marvel.

i mean, Canon Loki

@note-a-bear @blad-the-inhaler I beg your pardon? In Avengers Loki’s goal was to rule the earth. How could he rule people if he killed them all? And you know what is genocide? Here is a living case: In the first Thor movie, angel baby Thor invaded another planet and slaughtered local residents only because they gave him a nickname, and he wouldn’t stop the massacre until Odin arrived and shouted him down.

And in TDW Loki was not a villain anymore. He was an anti-hero there, by saving Thor’s girlfriend almost at the cost of his own life, saving Thor at the cost of being impaled and revenging his mother’s death. Even Kevin Feige admitted Loki acquired the throne without betraying Thor, because Thor renounced it on his own account first.

Now I believe waititi stans have never watched the previous Marvel films but they pretend they have.


-“I feel so lucky with the writing, the way he’s been written. In Kenneth Branagh’s film the writing was very poignant, and you can see the vulnerability in him. Rather like Killmonger in a way, he doesn’t start out as an antagonist; he becomes an antagonist through the revelations. And then Joss Whedon wrote him as a very witty, very charming, very charismatic, and… So I’ve been quite fortunate with some beautifully complex writing of the character.”

-“The best thing about Loki is that if he is afraid he won’t show it. He’s been highly trained through the experience of his slightly traumatic life to shield his fear.”

-“Loki’s death on Svartalfheim was written as a death, and I would say Chris and I played that scene for real. That was meant to be that he redeemed himself, he helped save his brother, he helped save Jane Foster but that he, in the process, sacrificed himself.

SDCC 2013

-When Loki stabbed Thor in the Avengers:

GAGNAROK and Waititi:

Waititi grossly misinterpreted and shat on the character that Hiddleston had painstakingly built; it’s a fact. If you need more evidence I have them. Some people need to learn the difference between character development and retcon. Other than the role of comic relief what did Gagnarok and Waititi give Loki?

To quote this article:

Waititi’s solution was a story in which Loki is mocked and emasculated in almost every scene. It’s very funny, and Hiddleston plays it without visible qualms, but it leaves the character nowhere else to go.

image credits: @whitedaydream

@yume-no-fantasy Thanks for these details! I’m just losing patience with these irrational waititi stans.

And speaking of misinterpretation, I happened to find one of waititi’s tweets:


Never doubt he’d always surprise us more.

The more I read his tweets/words, the more Taika Waititi seems the bully at my school who made my life a nightmare…

Which may be exactly why he appeals to bullies so much. He speaks their language.

So like, of all the things Waititi could pick on Loki for, he chooses to shit on him for being an orphan? What the fuck? That is EXACTLY what a bully would do. It isn’t funny, it’s incredibly mean-spirited. Kinda like making him joke about his attempted suicide.

What is hilarious to me, however, is Waititi trying to say that Loki only talks about himself and it’s annoying. Like… You do that more than anyone else, Taika. I’ve read interviews from you before, lmao. Don’t be a hypocrite.

Not to mention that in this case also his beloved buddy Thor is a space orphan too, not only Loki…

Anyway, Waititi has this behavior, quite gross and indelicate. The disrespectful way he tweets about Loki, the way he has answered to a girl asking for a Loki solo movie was so so rude.

He act exactly like bullies in my school, who mocked me for three years. I can’t read his words or see his behavior without cringe inside, in fear.

@lasimo74allmyworld I feel you :/ I was bullied from 5th grade all the way to senior year and Waititi definitely speaks and behaves like my bullies did as well.

But I take solace in the fact that no matter what he did to try to tear Loki and Tom down, Tom is still here and celebrating the character he brought to life and being an amazing gentleman to all his fans ❤️

@lokisinsurrection this is the most important things!! No one could take him away from us, they can try in any way, put him down, dismiss him but thay can’t succede.

And Tom is the most precious gift we can have.

Ta*ka stans are pathetic

Tom Hiddleston doesn’t like Thor Ragnarok. He did three interviews for it and attended (1) premiere. He smiled rarely. I’m pretty sure that he wanted to do something about it, wanted to change the script but he thought ‘well maybe they know what they are doing.’ Come ooooon, Tom is not stupid and I cringe every time I think about his possible reaction to the script he got. Taika had no idea who those characters really were before he agreed to direct Ragnarok tbh.



Agreed.Taika is a bad director.Besides one-two beautiful scenes the movie sucked and if Marvel had released this a few years ago everyone would give it hell


“I think that up until my arrival in Thor’s universe, it has been lacking the presence of someone who takes the world seriously” – Taika Waititi

Words are insufficient to respond to this amount of ludicrosity.

Waititi is so vile.

See, the thing Marvel was doing with Gagnarok was, putting us females “in our place”.

They took the male character who we identify with. He’s brilliant. He has magical powers. He had access to tons of magical relics and a royal treasury.

And he was forced to resort to prostitution to survive.

Prostitution to a man almost as ugly and repulsive as the men responsible for that screenplay.

This is what the men at Marvel Studios think of women – or what they want us to think of ourselves, anyway: that no matter how many abilities and achievements we have, we’re still only good for one thing.


They’re threatening to let Taika Waititi direct a Star Wars movie, apparently in order to prove that there is a franchise he’s even more inappropriate for than a superhero one. I think I can guess how it’ll go:

Having defeated the Empire, Luke Skywalker somehow finds himself homeless and destitute. Having no other way of surviving, he becomes the kept man of a Hutt. Eventually Leia needs his help with something, so she puts him in a torture device that electrocutes him nonstop and leaves him in agony until a minor character finds him. Also, Han Solo drops him out of a spaceship and lets him fall for half an hour. Both of these events are hilarious, and totally in keeping with how heroic characters behave. Then they bring Palpatine back from the dead in order to help them defeat some new villain. It turns out Palpatine was secretly doing all kinds of stuff to keep evil in the universe to a minimum. He tells Luke and Leia how much he loves them (which is why he wanted them to turn to the Dark Side and serve him and also why he attempted to kill Luke directly and Leia indirectly) and they are deeply moved. The movie’s villain mentions that the Empire did some bad things, and audiences swoon over this incredibly subversive and courageous critique of colonialism.

Spoilery thoughts about Ragnarok and Infinity War under the cut.

Ragnarok: Thor tortures Loki and leaves him in agony. A third character has to come and put a stop to the torture.

IW: Thor is being tortured. Loki sacrifices his own life to rescue him.







Thor Ragnarok, Director’s Commentary

( now can we stop with the “taika hates loki” train )

No, we can’t stop the train because every other scene in the movie contradicts everything he just said

Oh look, he managed to say three sentences together on the topic of Loki and Thor after prattling for ages about absolutely everything else. Yes, I can feel the love flowing.

Also, this “working together” was all pretense as it came right before the idiotic betrayal on Loki part (which Waititi wrote) and the even more idiotic torture on Thor part (which again, Waititi wrote) so no. Fans don’t love that moment. Ragnarok had exactly zero instances of Thor and Loki fighting side by side and sincerely meaning it. Every character had their moment to shine in the last battle on the Bifrost. Thor, Valkyrie, Hulk… Except Loki. Loki’s badass moves were used in a trailer to get people to the theater and then cut from the final version of the movie. By Waititi. Of fucking course.

As if mere tattered scraps of what we had actually wanted should satisfy us…

I’m sorry but what understanding is it do they reach together? At what point do they open up and share their feelings? I never saw anything like that in the movie.

If TW really
believes that, he’s an even less talented storyteller than I already thought.

I just realised




that certain people’s discomfort with the word “torture” in regards to Loki’s electrocution scene reminds me of the Grandmaster’s attitude: “I don’t like that word”.

Right, heroes can’t torture, they just…. he just… It was joke, hilarious, hahaha!

Mic drop of the century

Ragnarok lost feeling


other day I read posts about Thor Ragnarok and how people viewed their
relationship. Since my brain was a bag of cats at the time of reading, I
couldn’t put my feelings into words why I didn’t like TR. But after a good night’s rest and
some thinking, I can now voice it. It all came down to one word “feelings”. So
hear me out…

first and foremost thing about the movie that put me off was the fact that
there were almost no scenes where emotions are being displayed. In Thor, The Avengers and Thor;
The Dark World
we get to see
these characters that go through a lot of emotions and that is what makes them
strong in my opinion. It makes them relatable, it makes one care. But in TR we
hardly get that, and the only scene where they tried to achieve something like
that is when Odin dies, and here again, shoved under the carpet.
 A point in the story that is very important for both Thor and Loki
and yet the camera is on Thor and Odin all the time and we only get a glimpse
from Loki as the scene unfolds. Thor shows no emotion after all, and the
emotion we get to see from Loki is put away in brief shots. FGS! You casted Tom
Hiddleston, a guy who’s able to parray with big stars as Anthony Hopkins and
such and yet they didn’t use that properly.

Tom once said “don’t be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve,” and he basically said he is wearing his heart on his sleeve. Well, so is Loki, and we got to see three movies of that raw emotion and Loki wearing his heart on his sleeve, even though Loki tries to hide it. I, for one, am a person who wears her heart on the outside and no matter how hard you try to hide it, you’ll never succeed in that, and neither did Loki. In a lot of scenes that was very powerful.

there is the prison and elevator scene. I think all the tagged people beneath
this post have already voiced that properly here, and also in those scenes there is a lack of raw feelings
displaying in the characters.

I also
like to address some other things that struck me as odd or embarrassing
throughout the movie.

of all, Valkyrie. As she enters the movie I caught myself thinking “oh, she is
awesome, this could work out great,” and then she just falls of her ship
because she is hammered. Really?! She is a Valkyrie and the problem you give
her is a drinking problem?! She is Asgardian, not Midgardian! She is trained
and hardened through the years so how would she ever fall for the bottle? Isn’t
that a little low for her characteristics? I think her story could’ve been far
more interesting if she had been manipulated by the GM because he has captured
her sister or another Valkyrie or something.

Then I
would like to address the warriors of 3 and Sif. As Hela enters Asgard she just
kills them straight out. No epic battle scene, no emotions, just *wham* dead.
They are the warriors of 3 and should’ve been able to put some sort of a fight.
But all
we got is a Hela who just wipes them from the screen. I’m a larper and we have
two words who sum up that type of characters: Over Powered (OP).

And how
about the scene of the GM frying his cousin? Really? Was this necessary for the
movie or plot?

what about Thor screaming while in that chair and being put through that weird
vision? He is a God! He just fought Surtur and has seen the worst of the worst,
and a little vision like this makes him screaming like a little girl?! So OOC.

Then there is a little thing that doesn’t add up considering Norse mythology, but that has happened in the other movies as well. Fenris and Hela. In Norse mythology they are both Loki’s children. I think it would’ve been far cooler if Loki could’ve controlled Fenris and even bonded with him. Why is that possible? Because Fenris is an animal. And as studies have shown, animals are able to pick up feelings of humans around them. Fenris has been with Hela for so long, and her problems and emotions, thus Fenris should’ve been able to pick op on Loki’s feelings and the similarity between Hela and Loki.

Then “the pile of rocks”. The character could’ve been far more in my opinion but they covered it up with one liners and bad humor. Yes, it is good there is some sort of leader in that prison, but not with those characteristics. Also his tone of voice didn’t fit the character for me.

And that brings me to the point of humor and one liners in this movie. In the other Thor movies, and The Avengers as well, the movies also have humor. But that humor is dark, lustrous and can be interpreted in many ways.
Mostly Loki is the one with that dark sense humor and that is why I love him. But now all he got were one liners which weren’t all that funny. I recently watched all the Thor movies again and when Loki displays this dark humor I find myself smiling every time, but not so in TR. The one liners get boring after hearing them one time. Ugh.

back to Loki. The savior scene also strikes me as odd. Would the Asgardians
really take it from Loki after he has been imposing Odin for 9 years? Of
course, they were with their backs against the wall and had nowhere to go, so
they had to comply, but the scene would’ve been far stronger if someone had
spoken up and challenged Loki’s authority just as happened in The Avengers. If
I had been an Asgardian I would’ve spoken up to him and not taking kindly what
he had done. I remember watching this scene for the first time. I didn’t want
to watch it unfold because it felt embarrassing.

says “I think they are now closer than ever”. Some have already elaborated on
that here (also tagged), and I want to add my two cents to that.
Loki and Thor have grown closer, because they HAD to because Loki is running out of
options. He is out of realms to flee to. Let’s make a list for that:

  • Asgard;
    no longer exists
  • Midgard;
    if Loki goes there SHIELD will hunt him down
  • Realm
    of the dark elves; nothing but a barren wasteland
  • Sakaar;
    as stated in TR loki felt out of favour of the GM and this planet isn’t an
  • Thanos;
    well… No need to elaborate since we’re heading towards IW
  • Jotunheim;
    he kinda tried to destroy that and we all know why this is a horrible idea

are other realms, but the options are getting less and less for Loki. Thus he
has to stay with Thor.

To wrap it all up, I just want to say I fear for IW. There will be a lot of characters in that movie and I’m so afraid none of them will get enough screen-time to really get into the depth of those characters. And the second fear is, that if they get enough screen-time, it’ll be covered up (yet again) with bad humor and one liners.

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