loki is literally over a thousand years old and they think tom’s too old lmao





Russo Brothers: “I mean I think it’s distressing for anyone who is working on something for the better part of a decade, but then again, I think anyone would also understand that you can’t continue to play these characters forever. We’re not… Comics you can keep re-drawing the characters the same age for decades, right. We’re all aging. And there are new ideas and new stories to tell. Look at the incredible success of Black Panther. There’s a new direction that the Marvel universe needs to go and that’s about specifics where society is today and how audiences react and the storytelling that is not the same as it was a decade ago. I think they can make much more interesting choices moving forward, when we close the final page of this book.”
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I’m also really bothered by the implication here that Loki is somehow passe and doesn’t fit into the stories people want to hear anymore. Which isn’t true, by the way, since about five thousand petitions to bring him back have been created and people have been begging for a Loki solo movie since 2011.

And I’m even more bothered by the way they’ve, intentionally or not, pitted Black Panther against Loki here, as if they’re saying, “We want more diverse stories, and Loki doesn’t fit that.” You know, as if we can’t somehow have BOTH. And, you know, as if a character who a whole lot of LGBTQ, women, and mentally ill fans love somehow doesn’t appeal to diversity. Like, that estimation of Loki’s Army is not just me projecting or guessing, either. A cursory look at his ginormous fanbase—which has only increased over seven years, by the way—will show that it crosses underrepresented and often unrepresented demographics.

And hell yes it would be new and interesting storytelling! Since when do comic book villains get movies (that aren’t hot messes like Suicide Squad, I mean)? Yes, yes, Loki is an antihero/antivillain now, but have these idiots seen Deadpool? Did they think the highest-grossing R-rated movie ever at the time it was released was a box office bomb or something? Audiences WANT more morally ambiguous protagonists! And they don’t have to be just an adult thing.

Like, fine. Give Loki something to do that isn’t family drama now that arc seems to have been concluded. Write him something to do that his Marvel incarnations haven’t done before. It’s not like we didn’t have an entire comic series called Agent of Asgard or anything.

And for goodness’s sake, don’t @ Tom Hiddleston with this ageism bullshit when half the cast is older than he is, or just as old, and you aren’t talking about killing their characters off or writing them out. Because 1) that makes no sense and 2) ties right into sexism when Loki has been made to look feminine and “pretty” instead of ruggedly handsome. I never thought a man would be hit by this kind of bullshit in 2018 when we’re finally having a conversation about how shit Hollywood is to women, but hey, I guess the Russos are equal opportunity like that. They sure are equal-opportunity fridging, anyway.



Loki in the Thor films: *has incredible powers of both the frost giants and the tricks he has learnt from his mother, including: shape shifting, making duplicates of himself, and invisibility*

Loki in Infinity War: I just gonna… stabby stabby 😉

That’s right, folks. The Russo brothers took one of the most complex ambivalent sympathetic villains in movie history and converted him into a roomba with a knife taped to him.

Okay, okay so do you think Tom is (internally) upset about how Loki changed in Ragnarok and Infinity War? (mainly Infinity War because he was killed so quick and so brutally)





I do. I think he’s a very intensely private person, but his face, and his eyes, don’t lie. And this we absolutely know, is that he loves, loves playing Loki. He loves Loki and it’s been obvious that he’s thoroughly enjoyed and been happy playing him. He even showed up at the SDCC Comicon in 2013 in costume, and it was off-the-charts history making incredible! He was like a one-man rock concert! That’s not something somebody who has lukewarm feelings at best does!

Tom Hiddleston put alot of work, and thought, and care into making Loki his own. He embodied the role, he made him something nobody’s ever seen before, in movies or the comics. He fleshed him out, got inside him and knew him inside out. Even when he was the villain in Avengers, I remember reading how he said Loki was a lost soul and not a happy person, and everything that Loki went through to get to that point and how his compassion had hardened from all of the trauma he experienced – he really understood Loki’s pain!

I don’t think he’s happy with the way things have gone for Loki since TDW. Somebody had said that Loki gets severely humiliated and emasculated in Ragnarok, and I thought they were exaggerating at the time. They weren’t!  And I’m just going on what we see. He doesn’t look happy. Something has changed, and it’s obvious. That’s why I’m wondering when did he find out what was going to happen to Loki. How can he not be even worried or concerned. He loves Loki!

But what if its all a ruse by Marvel? I think the story for Loki is far from over. I don’t think Tom would do the press for IW and play the game if there wasn’t more. Tom is a huge force in this universe and I don’t believe he would play us false. His interviews seem upbeat and as if he is expecting more. I’m sorry but I dont believe they just threw this script at him and said “sorry man, you’re dead.” He is more respected than that. Just my opinion.

After reading some theories and somebody’s post really analyzing something that the Russo’s said, I have a little more hope than I did the other day. I’m thinking it’s not over for Loki, and that something great is planned. I would like to think they have more respect than that too. I’m going to try to hope!

Since before Ragnarok came out, Tom has had an incredibly sad look about him. Even on some of the shots snapped of him during filming, he looks sad and lonely and disappointed. From the behind the scenes footage we have of Ragnarok (the little bit that’s not about Taika), it’s more than clear that he was unhappy with how things rolled – it’s in his entire body language, and his face just looks tired and sad. That he did so much promo for IW means nothing. I wouldn’t put it beyond Marvel to use his popularity one last time and make him their draught horse for the entire promo wagon. Either that, or our little Thomas William thought well, if they’re going to give Loki this shitty ending, I’ll at least squeeze as much money out of them as I can. Promo gigs are normally being paid extra, so he signed up for all of them, went on a nice holiday in Korea, said some pretty weird stuff (considering he hadn’t been given the entire script and was obliged not to give away spoilers, there’s little else he can do anyway) and in the end even dropped a little f-you bomb re: Marvel and Russos (“Thanos is more purple” – how much more civil disobedience can you get from someone like him? ^^) Still, he looked like in his mind he was miles away during the entire promo thing, and I’ve never seen him so quiet and serious and sad before. I’m not going to get my hopes up for anything positive to happen in IW 2, even though the Russos have taken down their tweets and Marvel graced us with two “God of Mischief” videos where they forced everyone to say nice things. They are shitheads, period.






what the hell Russo brothers saying in a podcast that Tom is too old to play Loki ?? ? 

lol in that case everyone is too old, Tom Holland isn’t 15 and doesn’t look like like he is.

What the actual hell! Are they serious? What is their problem?

Ok now I’m kind of sure they are going to introduce kid Loki which I don’t want. Damn you to hell Marvel.

They do know that the actor playing Thanos is 50 years old, right? But Tom is aging and too old to play Loki. This is bullshit, how stupid do they think we are?

Ok I just listened to the Loki part of this and to me, this part is a bit of an overreaction. All the Russos said was that no actor can play a character forever, which is true, especially in characters like Loki that have to look young for a few thousand years. They never said that Tom Hiddleston is right now at this very moment too old to play Loki. Never said that.

BUT. I am still pissed at part of this.

They said that, in Winter Soldier, they liked that they came in and Cap had nothing. That it exposed the humanity in him. So they did the same thing to Thor. Because they liked that part of an entirely different character’s story.


You don’t take two different characters from within the same franchise and do the exact same thing. YOU FIND A DIFFERENT WAY TO EXPOSE THOR’S HUMANITY.

A way such as, I dunno, giving him a baby brother? I personally can’t, but most people on this planet can relate to having a sibling. It opens the door for bickering, for inside jokes and insulting nicknames and laughs and hugs, for heartfelt conversations, for childhood reminiscing, for protecting each other on the battlefield.

Give somebody someone to love, someone who’s been by their side since childhood, someone whom they have fought tooth-and-nail for for years, and they are immediately so much more human.

We’ve seen Thor grieving. We’ve seen him alone. We’ve seen him blinded by the need for revenge.

He got dumped by his girlfriend. In Ragnarok alone, he lost his father, three of his closest friends (all four if you headcanon that Sif died on Asgard), a large chunk of his people, and his entire planet.

Focus on that grief. Maybe still kill half of the refugees, maybe still steal Heimdall from him, but they did not need to take Loki too.

Humanity is not surviving all of that alone, leaning on a handful of near-total strangers (which, yes, Valkyrie still basically counts as a near-total stranger. And the Russos wouldn’t say what happened to Korg, so he might be dead too).

Humanity is two brothers losing all of that, two brothers falling apart, and two brothers finally doing what we’ve all wanted for years and rescuing each other.



I just listened to an interview with the Russo brothers and have learned two things:

1. They’re terrible writers. 

They apparently can’t figure how to give a character growth aside from making them lose everything first, which you’ll notice is an overused trope most often utilized by “mary-sue” writers who can’t come up with anything creative and end up resorting to the classic “Look at their ridiculously tragic past!” in order to spur the character’s actions forward. The Russo brothers admitted to liking this about Cap (him having lost everything), and since they were now writing for Thor, thought that they’d do the exact same thing with him. So, they killed Loki to motivate Thor, because apparently they couldn’t think of anything better to do. 

2. They’re hypocrites. 

They also claimed to have killed off Loki because Tom Hiddleston was “aging” and apparently too old to continue playing Loki. So, what about Chris then? Apparently it’s okay to keep one aging “god”, but two is pushing the limit? The logic there makes zero sense whatsoever.

And honestly, that also points toward how very not-creative they are as writers, as well. The assumption that the only good ending is a tragic one, rather than a more emotionally satisfying happy one, is lazy writing at it’s finest.

Let’s be real, though. They just hate Loki. That’s it. One of them said “No resurrections this time” when Loki’s multiple deaths were brought up, and you could tell by the smug satisfaction and humor in his voice, that it fucking pleases them to have killed off this character.

For me

It looks like Tom Hiddleston did something terrible and ugly to one of Russo brothers. Perhaps he’s slept with someone’s wife or shit in the middle of their living room. I honestly don’t know what to think. I can’t explain this amount of hatred for Loki in any other way.