transcription [BREAKING NEWS: North and South Korea will sign a peace treaty to formally end the Korean War later this year, 65 years after hostilities ceased
cnn.it/2Jz4CIr ]



History in the making

Huh, are you saying Trump has managed in a year and a half what the last 11(?) president have failed to do?

Well that’s fucking curious I don’t see his name on this. I don’t think it can be his result

My understanding was that US Foreign policy was something the Office of the President was responsible for setting out and achieving?

If that is correct this would be Trumps success unless this all secretly began under Obama?

This is not an American success. The Secretary of State was appointed either yesterday or the day before, the state department is in shambles. No reports indicate any major US officials being in the room. This is a Korean victory that is independent from the US, and is certainly not a Trump victory, who has done more to escalate tensions between the US and North Korea than the past four previous presidents.

Trump supporters hearing about foreign policy successes not made by the US:

If anything the us were trying to stop it

okay. alright. allow me to go all ‘international relations’ degree for a moment, if I may. 

This is a decision that likely happened because ROK felt the US could no longer protect them from the DPRK. This is because Trump has no consistent Secretary of State, and while Tillerson was Not Great, Mike Pompeo is literally Satan, so. Negotiations with the DPRK have always been tri-lats with the US, ROK, and the DPRK, often involving another western power, and it is ALWAYS first and foremost about what the US can get out of it, how can we isolate the DPRK, how can we make them bow to what we want, which is nuclear disarmament. IDK if any of Y’all know realist theory, but that AINT GONNA HAPPEN, because the US doesn’t know how to MIND ITS OWN FUCKING BUSINESS, and has created a unipolar international system, with itself at the top. it’s why China freaks US policy makers right the fuck out. Any perceived threat is then blown WAY out of proportion. 

Yeah, Bush called the DPRK part of the ‘axis of evil’ but that was more to use language to make the US population hate Iraq the same amount as the DPRK. it’s also a HUGE chip on the US’s shoulder that they were so fucking box kicked in the Korean War, which we shouldn’t have gotten involved in. 

This decision and agreement between ROK and the DPRK is happening because Trump is So Shit at his job. He isn’t consistent, he has constantly removed us from international agreements that were designed to protect us and the other partners from international threats, we might be coming out of the Iran deal which Iran is following the rules of better than we are right now, and he doesn’t like NATO. 

President Moon is looking at that, and like a SMART FUCKING PRESIDENT, is going ‘hmmmmm the protection we were supposed to have from the US could be instantly taken away from us if we anger this ignoramus who is the president, might want to try something else’ and so reached out to Kim. Kim probably is thinking ‘holy fuck, an actual international win, people will think about this, instead of the literally gulags i run’ and so is getting involved. 

the US did LITERALLY NOTHING to facilitate this, and actually, in terms of foreign policy, is Not Great for the US, because we like to think we’re the international police force, and this effectively proves we are ‘weak’ (i personally fuckin disagree with that, but whatever). 

This is fantastic, and is an incredible part of world history, but saying it’s a ‘win’ for the US is just fuckin stupid. 



1999 – The Simpsons predicts everything that happens in the world

The messed up part is that this, along with the Trump presidency, were predicted as jokes. These were seen as things so ridiculous that not only could they not actually happen, the idea of them was funny. So every time a Simpsons prediction comes true, the Simpsons wasn’t really trying to predict the future, they were making a cynical joke because they thought the real future would be better than it actually is. We’re living in the timeline where all the Simpsons’ worst assumptions about the world were 100% right.













Donald Trump is exactly the kind of person that Jesus would have thrown out of the temple and beaten with a stick, and the fact that so many self-identified Christians want to put him in office tells you pretty everything wrong with white American Christianity. 

Because Jesus had authority at temples and beat people.

I 100% can’t tell if you’re joking here but he actually did chase people out of a temple at least once for using religion for their own selfish gains, complete with literal table flipping and improvised whips

So really it’s not that he would have trump thrown out as much as he would storm in and accuse him of turning his father’s house into a den of thieves before upending a table on his head

Dude, Jesus not only chased them out, he broke stuff they were selling, let loose all of their animals, and fucking flipped all the money-changing tables.

Jesus 100% would have been chasing Trump out with a table leg.

Canon Jesus 10000% better than fanon Jesus

Canon Jesus did some very weird shit. Like, just before throwing the market out of the temple, he stole a donkey, then cursed a fig tree because it didn’t have any fruit on it. The next day, or possibly immediately, everyone was amazed that the fig tree he had cursed was withered. He must’ve been in a fuckin weird mood. Going through a Dark Period. The Chaotic Mage of Light losing his shit just a little bit.

“So, what the fuck was that, Jesus?” someone asked as they’re all looking at the horribly withered corpse of the poor cursed tree.

“The power of prayer,” Jesus said absently.

“… wait, is cursing literally a form of prayer? Because some Wiccans are going to be really upset about that, like, they have a whole threefold law thing, is this… okay?”

“Listen,” said Jesus, “If I tell a mountain to get back in the sea? The mountain will get in the fucking sea. Do you want me to tell you to get in the sea?”

And they were all like, “Good demo, Jesus. Good lesson.”

Meanwhile, he was having the aforementioned public brawl in the temple.

Just keep that in mind during this election cycle – viable answers for What Would Jesus Do include flipping tables, stealing animals and striking down shrubbery with magic, all in one week.

Before Holy Week in the church calendar comes the lesser-known festival of Christ Doesn’t Give A Fuck Week

I now have a mental image of Jesus as Negan from the walking dead, dolling out justice on religious heathens with a table leg studded with nails.

The fig tree incident happened because he was hungry and couldn’t find any fruit on it. Anyone who’s experienced low blood sugar can relate to that tantrum.

Jesus was hangry.

I believe this is my favorite post ever.

My favorite part of the “flipping tables at the temple” story is that before any of that went down, Jesus went out and wove his own whip with which to drive these people out.

I like to imagine him being just so angry, muttering under his breath while he braided together the scourge.

These mofos come into MY Father’s house






Amazing artist ‘Saint Hoax’ took misogynistic ads from the 1950s and added Donald Trump’s sexist quotes. 

I almost scrolled past this until I saw the caption thinking it was “just sexist ads from the sixties” and that says a lot

he .. really said these ???

Unfortunately yes. Every last one of them. 

Dropping to your knees comment

Dinner not being ready comment

Flat chested comment

‘Young and beautiful piece of ass’ comment

‘You never get to the face’ comment

Telling friends to be “rougher” with their wives

Blatantly saying women should be treated like shit 

This man has 0 respect for women, and he has yet to make a sincere apology for these disgusting comments. He is not a president, he is a predator. 

I genuinely didn’t realize this was even Donald Trump until halfway through

That’s horrifying


There’s something really funny about tumblr’s embrace of FBI memes at a time when our own government is attempting to dismantle and discredit it as an organization. Like what’s that Trump, you want us to think of them as corrupt, amoral, liberal leaning hacks? Can you believe this shit Ralph? Turn my webcam on twice to agree, buddy. 

Shape of water won because it is anti-Trump. Leftists in hollywood hate Trump voters and this is how they sent that message




How is fucking a fish anti-Trump?  Does Trump has a “no copulating with fish” plank to his platform that I missed?  If he does, it may actually be something I agree with him on.

But let’s look at this..if the wanted to be anti-Trump they could have gone with  the Post (where Nixon is just a stand in for Trump), they could have gone with Darkest Hour or Dunkirk (two movies which actually deserved such recognition, and which have people who share Trump’s values as the villains), 

But, no, they went with fish fucking.

Why? Because despite what idiotic commentators of culture want to say about the “message” Hollywood is sending with this Oscar pick or that Oscar pick, they like most people just don’t want to be looked at as uncultured and thus, year after year, pick the most pretentious piece of shit on the ballot.  

Don’t go turning Hollywood incompetence into a message.  It’s not.  They’re just stupid.