AO3 Discussions: Tumblr Fail


There are multiple discussions around censorship on AO3. They cross each other and Tumblr sometimes truncates a post’s text.

There is the “Report AO3″ to the FBI for allowing underage fic” (Fanlore write up here)

There is the 2016/2018 “Offer to help set up a new fandom archive” that would allow moderated content (see 2016 offer) (See 2018 offer)

There are posts riffing ‘On setting up a Black fandom archive” to address racial bias/racism in fanfiction (see this thread) 

And then you can see multiple Tumblr  posts where those topics are being blended (see this post or this post)

The fans discussing racism or building new archives (for any reason) or AO3′s  need better tools for filtering and searching are not necessarily the same fans who are (1) advocating reporting AO3 to the FBI for allowing underage fic, or demanding that  (2) AO3 be shut down or (3) that underage, rape, incest fanfic should be banned from AO3.



“I feel a great disturbance in the Force. As if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.”

“Oh no! What do you think happened?”

“I’m afraid… AO3 is down.”

(AO3 isn’t down right now, but if you’re not Force-sensitive, you can follow @AO3_Status on Twitter for real-time updates on the Archive.)


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how to blacklist stuff on ao3


“this is horrible and i would like to never see anything like it again”

  • it will take you to a new page where you can scroll down and edit the script, as shown:
  • now click save!!
  • and there you are!!

happy ao3ing :))

(and a reminder not to leave hate in the comments on anyone’s work, no matter how horrid you find it. this can result in a ban from ao3.)






We’re getting ready to deploy an overhaul of our search code—here’s what that means for you (along with a tiny sneak peek of the changes).

oh, sure, give me exclusions now after i’ve already given up and developed like twelve new kinks out of sheer self defense at being unable to exclude them from my searches.

[slams the reblog button] BUT WHERE IS THE LIE

#and by grew i mean discovered and oh god what the archive hath given and what the archive hath taken away @shiphitsthefan

I relate to this to the depths of my very soul

Check it out! Soon, it will be possible to exclude tags from AO3 search results without using the “Search Within Results” field!

Major update to our search engine coming soon! | Archive of Our Own

AO3 Work Search Tips: Archive Warnings




If you’re like me, you use the AO3 Work Search form all the time to help zero in on the fics you want to read. But this form has some weird quirks. Take the “warnings” section for example:

What do I do if I want to search for fics that don’t include Major Character Death? If I just check the MCD tag like so:

Then my search brings up all fics that DO contain MCD!

I can instead choose “No Archive Warnings Apply” of course, but that will also rule out “Violence”, “Non-Con”, and “Underage” and maybe I’m OK with those. All I want to do is to avoid MCD, that’s all.

I can try adding -“major character death” to the search terms, but doing so will also rule out any fics tagged with benign variations like “temporary major character death”.

What I want to do is specifically avoid fics which use the MCD archive warning. So how do I do that?

You need to make use of the specialized search parameter terms that AO3 actually sends to its servers when you use the work search form. For the archive warnings, these are as follows:

  • Chose not to use = warning_ids:14
  • None Apply = warning_ids:16
  • Violence = warning_ids:17
  • MCD = warning_ids:18
  • Rape = warning_ids:19
  • Underage = warning_ids:20

So, if I want to rule out MCD and only MCD, I search for “-warning_ids:18″ (the hyphen before the search term means “not”) by entering that into the “Any Field” search bar:

And voila! All fics except those with MCD warnings!

If you want to avoid violence or non-con or underage instead, simply change the warning_ids number to the one you want to rule out. You can also rule out more than one at a time, like so:

Combine this with your other favorite search terms and happily find the fics you want and avoid those you don’t 🙂

You can use variations on this trick to more accurately search for specific categories and ratings too. If people are interested, I’ll make a separate post about those.

And for everyone that doesn’t know!

You can also block things like certain characters,relationships, fandoms, or any commonly used tags from the archive page its self using -filter_ids:(number)

Note: This will not work for the custom tags.

So lets say I wanna read some Rotg fics but I don’t feel like searching through all the Frozen crossovers. (I have no problem with the frozen crossovers I’m just not always in the mood for crossovers)

I would go to the Frozen tag and hover over the RSS Feed button.

At the bottom left of the screen a URL will appear with a number

Now I can enter -filter_ids:966650 into the search bar on the side and Ao3 will filter out all fics that have frozen as one of the tags.

And you can do this to as many tags as you want by adding a space in between each filter!

I suggest you have a place to write down the numbers of the tags you don’t want so you don’t have to go to an unwanted tags page more than once.

Happy Reading!

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