My absolute favorite part in Justice League was when halfway through, Batman turns to Wonder Woman and Aquaman, two heirs to nation-states with their own armies (of whom both have fought off and beaten Steppenwolf before) and goes “We need help. Let’s revive Superman, the guy who accomplished nothing of significance in the two years he was active with this completely unknown experimental technology.”

Chris Terrio is an Oscar Award-Winning Screenwriter.




New comic!

Yeah, I might have watched a movie and gotten kind of mad.

This is seriously a trope I’d love to never see again though.

This happens over and over again and Christ, aren’t you BORED of it? 

This is why you don’t make your strong female characters perfect in every way. They have no way to grow, and so they end up boring. Watching someone sit atop a mountain peak isn’t as interesting as watching someone climb a mountain. Give female characters flaws, give them things to overcome, let them have their own interesting journeys. This isn’t the only way to overcome this trope, but it helps.


An elitist thought flittered through my mind a second ago as it occurred to me that some people might be all “no, not everyone should write fanfic omg.” And I realized I’ve never considered that nor felt that way about fanfic ever. Even when reading the absolute worst trash fic with meandering plot and shameless cliches I’ve never thought “omg stop writing, never again, leave it to the experts” no, I thought “for the love of all that is holy learn how to spell and stop calling them orbs.”

Never once did i think a bad writer should stop writing. I just figured they would eventually improve.

boy has tv proved me wrong.


“you’re not a real comics fan unless—" you’re right. i’m not. i’m a fake. an illusion that doesn’t have to deal with gatekeepers and bad writers. no more bad artwork. canon incosistency’s a thing of the past. thank you for reminding me, susan. goddamn thank you for re

I’m convinced that fear is at the root of most bad writing.

Stephen King (via psliterary)

Impossible. The writers of Thor 2 and 3 are clearly fearless.