Performative dance and wearable tech project by Lesia Trubat González features sensors attached to thin ballet shoes, whose movements are converted into visual strokes – video embedded below:


The concept of Electronic Traces is based on capturing dance movements and transforming them into visual sensations through the use of new technologies. To do this we focused on the ballet shoes themselves, which through the contact with the ground, and thanks to Lilypad Arduino technology, record the pressure and movement of the dancer’s feet and send a signal to an electronic device.A special application will then allow us to show this data graphically and even customize it to suit each user, through the different functions of this app.

The user can then view all the moves made in video format, extract images and even print them. Dancers can interpret their own movements and correct them or compare them with the movements of other dancers, as graphs created with motion may be the same or different depending on the type of movements executed and the correction of the steps and body position.

This is a project that can be extrapolated to other dance disciplines and the applications are multiple, from self- learning or dance classes to the graphical representation of live performance.

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Current fascination: Pieni Merenneito//Finnish National Ballet

Composed by Tuomas Kantelinen, Choreographed by Kenneth Greve



Also, really ingenious costumes with the tails!












Paris Opera Ballet School – 6th Division class

Guys who make fun of guys who do ballet must not realise how disciplined, agile, coordinated and strong you have to be to be a ballet dancer.

Guys who make fun of ballet are stupid.

my legs hurt now

Also, ballet men have literally the most aesthetically pleasing body out of any other group of men I have ever encountered. And then can lift you over their heads!

Always wanted to try out. Martial arts game would def improve from it.

YO BUT OK i am a female ballet dancer and there are guys in my studio younger than me and by younger than me i mean like 12 or occasionally 11 because i am 13 and they can still lift me up and they dont even flinch they just pick me up like im a lil fairy its so impressive and they are 12 they are so great

Redefine masculinity

More like REFINED masculinity

*claps for ballet dancers*

And Bill Nye redesigned the ballet slipper to better fit the dancer

I took ballet as a kid. One of my teachers was a guy. He got interested in ballet when he was in his early teens and a girl he had a crush on took ballet and he and his buddies lurked outside the school and peeked in and laughed and joked like kids do and basically caused a disturbance, so the teacher, a man, hauled them all inside and made them do some of the steps to show them how hard it was. My future teacher was intrigued at how hard it was and started taking lessons and it became his life.

Roommate and I watch The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Summer Glau: (undercover in ballet class) What is she doing?
Ballet teacher: Pas de chat. “Step of the cat”.
Me: OK, no. There is no way a grown woman in a ballet class does not know what a pas de chat is. Especially not one who is obviously trained in ballet, as we just saw from the few seconds we saw of the class. Pas de chat is Ballet 101 stuff. I was doing pas de chats when I was 8!
Roommate: So basically she just revealed that she’s a killer robot from the future?
Me: That would be more likely than that a dancer like that managed not to know what a pas de chat is.