Whenever there are two or more cats on my bed – which is often, because I have four of ‘em – I tell Roommate, “My bed is Loki’s brain.”

@twistedsardonic: “aw I’m glad the new one gets to sleep with you a bit. Is she adjusting to the other cats and vice versa now?”

We have to break up at least one cat fight every day, but a lot of the time they tolerate each other. We bought a big cage that we put Betsy in at night or when we’re going to be out for a long time, which helps; for part of each day, she’s totally safe from harassment from the other kitties.

Betsy actually spends most of the day on Roommate’s bed, not mine. 

In fact, here she is helping Roommate take a nap the other day:

We’re still actively seeking a home for Betsy, remember. Spayed female cat, 4-5 years old, loves to play, should either be an only cat or live with one other because right now she’s outnumbered by three cats who had already developed their relationships and weren’t really open to more. Go to my “Betsy” tag for more pics of her and also a youtube vid of her playing. (She likes to stand over a toy and kick it with one of her hind feet and then pounce.

Cat who needs a home

Meet Betsy. A few days after Halloween, I got home from running some errands to find a little black cat huddling terrified in the foyer of my building. She was wearing a leash, or rather, a belt fastened a bit too tightly around her neck as a leash, and was too frightened to move. So I scooped her up and took her in, because what else could I do? 

We put up flyers and put an ad on Craigslist to see if her humans would claim her, but they didn’t contact us.

We think some fool used her as part of a Halloween costume. Hence the makeshift leash. Some idiot probably carried her into a party or something, full of strangers and loud music which as we all know are two of a cat’s favorite things. The cat doubtless panicked and bolted, and was lost and hungry and scared for three days until I found her.

I think her previous humans were irresponsible but not evil. She likes humans and isn’t afraid of us, and she was well fed. OTOH, they let some idiot use her as a Halloween costume, they hadn’t gotten her fixed (she’s spayed now), and also she had a pretty bad worm problem which we also took care of. She is VERY food motivated, probably because the worms that were living in her tummy were stealing all her food. She was eating a ridiculous amount before we got her dewormed. She still comes running at food time because she’s used to being hungry because of that. 

Anyway, thing is, we already have three cats. In a two-bedroom apartment. Plus, the cats we already have agree that four is one cat too many, so they have rejected her and keep picking on her, which means that most days there are several minor catfights. We had to buy a large cat cage for her; we put her in there at night or when we’re going out for more than a brief time. We were worried at first, but she likes her cage; she’s completely safe from the other cats in there. Late each evening she’ll start hanging around the door of it, waiting for us to shut her in. I’m sure she wouldn’t like to be stuck in there all the time, but we let her out every morning and she stays out for most of the day.
Which has put Betsy on edge with us humans. At first she was really nice and would sit in our laps and purr, but now we have to approach her carefully to pet her because our cats have her so nervous. She needs to be an only cat, probably. I really think that after a few days in a home with no other cats pestering her, she’ll chill out again. She clearly wants human companionship; she’ll sit on the bed with us and purr just because we’re nearby, and she likes for us to stroke her while she eats.

So anyway, we have this nice playful cat, who’s been neutered and dewormed and vaccinated, who needs a home. Black cats take the longest to get adopted because people are STILL, in this day and age, superstitious about them.
If anyone in the NYC area needs a kitty, we’ve got one. You’ll be making two humans and four cats happy.

I’ve taken more pics of Betsy, the cat I need to find a home for. I’ve had her spayed and gotten her shots and everything.

At first she was quite friendly, but my other cats don’t like her – and they’re right, 4 is one cat too many for this apartment – and eventually it made her tense and nervous. She probably needs to be an only cat, or live with only one other pet.

So please, signal boost this. Does anyone in the NYC area want a cute little black cat?