At The Open Book in Wigtown, Scotland
you get a low rate on a small flat in
exchange for running the bookstore
downstairs. The space is actually a
non-profit with a mission to promote a
love for books and allow people to fulfill
dreams of having their own bookshop
without making a big commitment. Source

this seems like it could have really interesting applications in a solarpunk world? like theres lots of talk about apprenticeships and stuff w/r/t solarpunk and i think it would be cool to imagine some sort of solarpunk society where internships are replaced with stuff like this in a sense. like, full time but low commitment introduction to whatever field, possibly managed through educational institutions? 

The Bookshop
PIERROT had grown old.
He wore spectacles
And kept a shop.
Opium and hellebore
He sold         
Between the covers of books,
And perfumes distilled from the veins of old ivory,
And poisons drawn from lotus seeds one hundred years withered
And thinned to the translucence of alabaster.
He sang a pale song of repeated cadenzas         
In a voice cold as flutes
And shrill as desiccated violins
I stood before the shop,
Fingering the comfortable vellum of an ancient volume,
Turning over its leaves,         
And the dead moon looked over my shoulder
And fell with a green smoothness upon the page.
I read:
“I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt have none other gods but me.”
Through the door came a chuckle of laughter         
Like the tapping of unstrung kettledrums,
For Pierrot has ceased singing for a moment
To watch me reading.

Amy Lowell (via quaintandcuriousvolumes)

Me entering a bookstore: *my skin clears, an ethereal glow emanates from my body, small woodland animals gather at my feet, I am at peace*