I wish straight people knew how heartbreaking queerbaiting actually is for us. Like, you’re not just teasing a relationship. You’re dangling equal representation in front of our faces, being treated like human beings in front of our faces, with amazing and varied characters whose storylines are more than how straight people kill us (bullying) disease kills us (hiv scare) or we kill ourselves due to the tragedy of our story.

You dangle it and go “am I gonna? Am I gonna? ….Lol no, a show with gay lead characters?! No one would *ever* watch that!” and don’t see why it hurts us.


My aesthetic is TV producers confirming that their gays will not die

That’s the one thing Supergirl’s producers have done right.

Assuming they’re not lying, like certain others who I shall identify only as “Joss Whedon”, did.


funny how black mirror, a show where nothing good has ever happened to anyone, ever, can give lesbians a happy ending when literally no other show is able to do so