Bugs Bunny isn’t your conventional trickster god – he doesn’t steal or lie; rather he inflicts on us a societal hubris. He traps us in the rules, conventions and expectations we’ve made. Forcing us to go through the niceties of the barbershop or DMV at the times most inconvenient to us. If we didn’t have these rules – if it was twelve thousand years ago and all we had was a snare and a knife, Bugs would be nothing more than a mortal rabbit. But now we have built so much and he has become a god.  

Bugs Bunny is a whimsical god, but a just one. He only ever exacts his wrath upon those who provoke it. Show Bugs the proper respect and he will do you no harm. Cross him, and hear the prelude to your destruction: “Of course, you know, this means war.”


Bugs Bunny could singlehandedly defeat Thanos by dressing up as a TSA agent and setting up a metal detector in the middle of the battlefield saying that all metal objects must be removed if you want to pass on through now stick around for my 2,000 word essay on just how effectively he would convince The Mad Titan to comply


gf: “what are you thinking about?”
me: “oh, nothing.”
me, internally: “if Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny were both on Baby Looney Toons then why does she have to introduce herself in Space Jam? Shouldn’t they have known each other since they were children? Could the Looney Toons Universe subscribe to the multiple worlds theory where Bugs and Lola never met? but how far does this, for lack of a better term, rabbit hole, go? Elmer Fudd was on Baby Looney Toons as well, which means that he and Bugs are roughly the same age but as an adult he is Bugs’ primary antagonist? The lifespan of a rabbit is 9-12 years and Elmer is clearly an adult. How can that be? Could Bugs bunny be immortal?