Almost Human Android Tech dress… far. I still need to add the name badge and finish connecting some of the lines. When it’s on, the butterflies stand up more. It looks weird because it’s flat. x.x The tulip earrings are hanging from the hanger center.

Anywho, so y’all know what I’m up to. (also, the butterflies have tech lines drawn on them that shine when light hits them, it will show better once I put the fiber optics in.)


Woman’s Dress (Robe à transformation)

France, circa 1865

Silk plain weave (taffeta) with printed warp, moiré finish

The “transformation” part being that this is an ensemble with a jacket but no images were provided of the jacket by the institution.




NIGHT&DAY dress by C.F. Worth 1858A fancy dress costume made of blue and yellow silk. The silk velvet bodice is boned and lined with cream silk. The multilayered skirt has decorative elements such as butterflies, bats, flowers, a stuffed bird and a padded silver moon crescent, all attached onto the skirt and further trimmed with beads and sequins. This fancy dress costume includes the original silk slippers, one for Night, one for Day, and a feather fan, also split into night and Day.

Love this dress!