A Kid Loki reading guide in chronological order, including context issues


Context reading of yore (if 2010 counts as yore)

Very Optional: Siege: Loki (for context), Siege 4 (for Old Loki’s death)

Super Optional: New Mutants 11 (for the Dísir’s first appearance), Thor 611-614 (for Dísir/Leah/Hela/Mephisto/Tyr context), Thor 12 (for Laufey context)

Pre-JiM shenanigans in Thor’s series

Optional: Thor 617-621 (Loki’s not in all of them. 617 is his origin. This arc starts on 615, in case you want to check earlier for context)

Optional: The Mighty Thor (2011) 1-6

Fear Itself

Journey into Mystery 622, 626.1, 623

Optional: Fear Itself 2 (for context), 3 (with Loki)

Journey into Mystery 624-630

Optional: Fear Itself 7 (for context), Fear Itself 7.2 (with Loki), The Mighty Thor 7 (for context)

The Terrorism Myth + the Trolling of Asgardia

Journey into Mystery 631-636

Optional (and parallel to the previous): The Mighty Thor 8-12, 12.1

Exiled + The Manchester Gods

Exiled 1, Journey into Mystery 637, New Mutants 42, Journey into Mystery 638, New Mutants 43

Journey into Mystery 639-641

Everything Burns

The Mighty Thor 18, Journey into Mystery 642, The Mighty Thor 19, Journey into Mystery 643, The Mighty Thor 20, Journey into Mystery 644, The Mighty Thor 21, Journey into Mystery 645, The Mighty Thor 22 (for context)

* Technically, you can stop on 645. But if you’re inclined to still follow Loki’s adventures after you finish Gillen’s run of JiM, keep reading the guide.

Post-JiM and Young Avengers

Marvel Now! Point One 1 (2012)

Optional?: A+X 5 (2013) [follow-up to Thor 601-606]

Young Avengers (2013) 1-11

Extra: cameos that are so out-of-canon I don’t know if they should count

(Probably not canon yet but might pop out in Young Avengers: Vengeance 4)

Last updated: October 31, 2013. If I’m missing something, let me know.


Earth-9997 Loki has had it with the “Shakespeare in the Park” dialogue. (The third image is actually Loki who has magically taken on Thor’s appearance for plot reasons.)

For context, from the Marvel wiki:

It has been revealed through the monitoring devices of the Watcher, as well as through the eyes of Kyle Richmond that the Asgardians of Earth-9997 are not gods, as they have long believed to have been.

As it has been revealed, the Asgardians are really aliens who, like humanity, had been manipulated by the Celestials to be guardians of the Celestial embryo growing at the core of their planet. Like many of the species the Celestials have manipulated, this species lived long enough to evolve to the third tier of mutation. This level causes the individual to lose all definition and is defined by those around it, or its environment.



So hey. Everyone remember that one time Loki had a crisis of conscience, went on a long journey of self-discovery, helped save the universe and/or Asgard, reconciled with his brother, became a hero because he decided to be one, and re-formed The Avengers with himself in it?

Good times, good times.

(Also, for bonus points: There was even a canon Thorki. Though… perhaps not in the way you might originally assume.)

I suppose I’ll have to dig up the issues for this now…. Life is so hard.