I’ve gotten over my laziness and am sharing this with the world. This is Thor with all those delicious deleted scenes edited into the movie, such as the infamous Thorki love declaration scene, the one with actual Disney princess Loki Laufeyson, and Frigga calling Odin on his shit. In fact, there’s more Frigga period, because I like her.

Not all the deleted scenes were added, especially not the ones later in the movie with Sif and the Warriors Three hamming it up in New Mexico because, in my opinion, the movie has enough quirky comedy already.

I’ve watched the entire thing with these edits and, though the unfinished cgi is a tad distracting, the movie is so much better and it feels different than the original. Loki’s character is a thousand times more complicated and sympathetic. I watched it with my sister, who never understood why I like Loki, and she gets it now.

Specs: .mp4, 781 mb, 2hr 5m, 720×480 res, 30 fps

**New** Instructions: New links ahoy! You’ll need hjsplit to join files. Download all four parts. When finished, open hjsplit and choose ‘join’. Make sure all parts are in the same location and choose the first split file. When the file is joined, changed the file extension from .abc to .mp4 (if you don’t know how to do that, good ‘how to change file extensions for —insert computer operating system—’ I know in Windows 7, you go to ‘organize’ on a file browser window>view>uncheck hide extensions for known file types.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

You can DL a complete version here.

Merry Christmas




Well not exactly rare, but difficult to find, some people are having trouble finding this comics, and since I have them I will share them with You


  • Cap and Thor Avengers #1 (2011)

Citadel of Spires: When Fandral – one of the Warriors Three – is taken captive, it’s up…

I’ve just created a PDF file out of the images that make up issue #4. It can be DLed here.

I decided to put all of these in one zip file here for easy DLing.

The Slash It Burns: Thor rare Comics



I just found out about this movie and found it online the other day. It’s based on a Danish comic book series called Valhalla about Norse mythology. It’s never been translated into English, unfortunately. The delightful movie, based on the myth of Thor and Loki’s contest with Utgard-Loki, above was made in 1986. It was originally filmed in English but never released on VHS or DVD in English.

There’s a dl here, but my computer doesn’t like it. However, my computer is unusually cranky about what video files it will play. If someone would let me know if that file is playable on less temperamental computers, I’d appreciate it. ETA: I’m told that it’s not watchable so I’ve taken it down. I’ll convert the file and try re-uploading it tomorrow.

Bits of the movie can be watched on youtube. Here is an official trailer, and here is Loki’s eating contest with fire, which was my favorite scene in the movie. As you can see, Loki is as so often queer-coded.

Here’s a still of Thor and Loki from the movie, being pals. 


I was told the DL file I uploaded earlier wasn’t playable, so everyone try this one.

Merry Christmas.