Disney Ladies + Science (& “Science”). Thanks to our followers for ideas.

Yes, textile engineer. That’s not a fashion designer in any way.

You’ve obviously not watched the movie. She invented those fabrics to resist flame, turn invisible, resist high amounts of friction, and stretch infinite times, and avoid tear from bombs

she did a tad more than “design” them

(Id go so far as to say “tactical textile engineer”

And since the fabrics have to be comfortable as well, she’s a tactile tactical textile engineer.

And since the uniforms also had to look stylish and not gaudy, she’s a tasteful tactile tactical textile engineer.

And since she was making suits for superheroes of color in the 50′s she’s a tolerant tasteful tactile tactical textile engineer

Tiny tolerant tasteful tactile textile engineer










I know we all love Edna because she’s super fierce and determined and an awesome role model and shit but

do you ever think that she feels intensely guilty over this, having made this suit that lead to the death of this amazing young girl

Maybe there’s a reason she never looks back.

Repeated for emphasis:

Maybe there’s a reason she never looks back.

Edna at the funeral, veiled from head to toe, slowly ripping pages out of her pocket sketchbook and mouthing the words “no capes”

you people are monsters

What the actual fuck oh my god

Think about how appalled Edna must have been. How traumatized. How guilty she must have felt over the death of this young girl.

Then realize that Edna anticipated practically every threat that the Incredibles would run into from Syndrome and built help into their suits. The only logical conclusion is that he contacted her–possibly scores of times. Syndrome was a stalkery fanboy before he turned supervillain. And Edna is THE suit maker for supers, as well as Mr. Incredible. Of course Syndrome would go to her. Edna is the best, and Syndrome would want the best designer for his costume.

Think about all that. Think about the woman who was so horrified and grief-stricken by Stratogate’s death being asked by a supervillain–one who was a genuine threat to supers she cared about–to design his costume.

And then realize that, despite her horror and guilt and rage at the gruesome deaths of Stratogate and other supers, despite her vehement conviction that such deaths should never happen again…

…she gave Syndrome a cape.