Silkscreening (Printing) Electroluminescent material. This workshop was unreal and also very informative with regards to designing with and for various types of “soft circuitry”.

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Fluid Dress

Sometimes you hear something and it makes no sense. The words just don’t go together. Other times you are the chosen one who sees a vision and no matter how ridiculous it sounds you follow it into the mysterious unknown. Thank you for having the faith and courage to create greatness against all conventions.


EL Wire Dress

I wanted to make an EL Wire dress after I worked with EL Wire on my cowboy boots. This project was super simple to make, and took almost no electronics skills to make this dress light up the night.

With just a few tools, and a glue gun, I was able to turn a sheer dress I already had into a galactic masterpiece.



Interested in getting your own Tron light suit?

The picture above doesn’t show two crossed optical fibers like those used in telecommunications, where a source at the end of the cable sends light careening through it. Instead, these glowing blue and yellow fibers are actually generating their own light.

The material, called polymer light-emitting photochemical cells (PLEC), efficiently converts electrons to photons throughout the length of the fiber while operating on little power. They might one day be woven into clothing or other products to make new types of fashion or wearable, bendable displays. Imagine your smartphone on your shirtsleeve.  


(The letter “A” made from fiber-shaped polymer light-emitting electrochemical cells [PLECs]. Courtesy Zhang et al./Nature Photonics.)

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Wow they look amazing!


Fabric Hacker is the latest skill at DIY!

Fabric Hackers use conductive fabrics and threads, fiber optics, and electroluminescent wire to infuse everyday clothes and fabrics with electronics. 

We’ve partnered with SparkFun Electronics to create the Fabric Hacker Patch Kit. This e-sewing kit includes a bobbin of conductive thread, needles, five LEDs, a switch, and coin cell battery pack.

We can’t wait to see what kids hack together to earn this skill.