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I would add that reblogging fics (if you read them on tumblr) is a great way to support fic writers. Oftentimes you’ll see that fics have far more likes than reblogs, and likes are great, but reblogs help spread someone’s work so more people can read it. If a work has 100 likes and 10 reblogs, that means only a tenth of the people that enjoyed the story thought it was worth sharing.

I second that. If you’re a new writer reblogs are the only way for anyone to see your work. Always reblog if you’re especially impressed by a work.


I just inadvertently used the words “the fic ecosystem” to describe the interconnected web of fic and fic-readers and writers and I, uh, don’t think I’ll ever be able to un-think of it as that now.

This might be the dorkiest fake term I’ve ever made up (and that’s saying something).

I move that fandom start using that expression immediately.




To those fanfic writers that are not english native speakers: sometimes, when I read your work, I notice that english isn’t your first language, because there are strange phrases. I know immediately that to you, they are perfectly normal, since it’s the way your language describes things. And I love that, because here you go, creating your art, in a language you spent so much time learning, just so that other people can enjoy your stories! It is so amazing and I will never criticise you for that, but instead I will be thankful that you put in all the effort.

I love you all, you are amazing. Keep creating, please!

Writing is hard. Writing in a language that is not your native tongue is even harder. I love and respect the hell out of you all!

I read a book a while back, which I have completely forgotten the name of, but the author mentioned teaching poetry workshops to children of different age groups and said that the a lot of the younger kids came out with some really sublime stuff because they hadn’t internalised as many cliches and boring stock phrases in the English language yet, while the older kids tended to write very formulaic stuff in comparison. I think that writers working in a language that’s not their native tongue bring a similar quality to their work. You’ll see phrases that a native speaker could never come up with that are so fresh and beautiful.



I think part of the reason our generation loves fanfiction so much is because we want to know that there is something we can change. For better or worse we can make the story different. And I don’t think we get enough of that in reality, let alone in regular fiction.









canon: they died

fanfic: fUCK YOU

Canon: and so they never met

Fanfic: here’s a funny story

Canon: There was tension and pining, but they never even kissed.

Fanfic: Actually,

Canon: Torture the cinnamon roll.

Fanfic: Torture the cinnamon roll.

^ emotially


Canon: they are on seperated universes

Fanfic: listen

Canon: the end



can I just say a quick thank you to fanfic authors??

when canon hurt, mislead and did us wrong, it was you who supported us with fix-it’s and gave us the quality content we wanted.

when canon refused to elaborate on a certain character or straight up eliminated parts of the characters personality, it was you who wrote lengthy fanfics exploring the good and the bad, the sad and the happy.

everyone interprets a character differently, and you authors shed light onto every interpretation so no one gets left behind.

honestly, thank you so much, you’re all incredible and you deserve the world for what you do for us


mom, watching me type vigorously on my laptop: wow, you’re working really hard!

me, sweating: y-yeah! important work, you know!! ahahahahahaha…….