I’m pretty sure that this is from Playboy. The image is sexist but I really love what she’s saying.


I read all these scripts by male writers where the female characters worry about getting older. The funny thing is, most of the women I’ve encountered have been HAPPY to get older. They have more money. They have more knowledge. They know how to say no, fuck off and this is bullshit. They no longer have to deal with periods and can have sex without worrying about getting pregnant. They don’t have children to care for so they can do whatever the fuck they want.

In a society that only values women for their looks, I can see how male writers would think that getting older is the worst thing that can happen to a woman. A woman gets old and she is no longer fuckable. A woman gets old and men don’t want to ogle her anymore. (I type this as I’m being ogled at the intersection of Hollywood & Highland.)

However, when I think of older women, I think of Harriet Tubman, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Hillary Clinton, Sonia Sotomayor, Meryl Streep, Jessica Lange and Judy Dench. I think of my cousins and aunt who own their own homes. I think of my mother who handles our family investments, my grandfather’s girlfriend still working as a computer programmer, my Nana and the small business she owns and operates. I think of my boyfriend’s mother who was like, I’m going to France for 3 months, bye bitches.

Getting older isn’t the worst thing that can happen to a woman, it’s her best kept secret.









“Yes, being in a female dominated field, I do know what it means to be marginalized. “





oh my fucking god

The really ugly part is they’ve actually done multiple sociological studies on this, and guess what the result is? Men in female-dominated fields aren’t marginalized at all; they get special treatment and are fast-tracked to the top, getting more credit for their work, faster promotions, and greater pay and benefits than their female colleagues.

Here’s one study. Here’s another. And another.

^phenomenon known as the glass escalator

have you ever been around male nurses….mannnn

Men in female dominated fields are entitled as hell. Don’t get it twisted

teaching is a female-dominated field but most principals are male

librarianship is a female-dominated field but most directors are male

Cooking is female dominated but most chefs are males

a large percent of hair stylists are women,  but most major hair care brands are owned by men

So last week I finally rented Fury Road, and I was more than a little disturbed to find that all the man-hating radical feminism I had heard so much about consisted of people fleeing from slavery.









the distinction between “crafts” and “fine art” is probably driven by misogyny and the devaluation of women’s labor

art forms that have traditionally been practiced by women like embroidery are devalued and called just “crafts” while art forms that women historically were mostly barred from (painting, sculpture) are “fine art”

It’s also hella racialized. For a long time Indigenous arts were devalued as crafts

Mother! Fucking! This!


Thousands of women draw and write about the same few characters over and over and they call it “fandom” and it’s borderline illegal.

Thousands of men draw and write about the same few characters over and over and they call it “the Renaissance”.

Am I being too paranoid?

I remember seeing this renaissance sculptor in a documentary. She was not allowed to do actual sculpting because for that one had to go to all-male school and sculpt male nudes. And how could she possibly do that without looking at nude male models?!

She began making tiny works of art out of plum/apricot/anything stones.

Google found me her name, she’s  Properzia de’ Rossi.

A bunch of women draw naked men representing characters invented by others. They call it “fandom” and it’s ridiculed and borderline illegal.

A bunch of men draw naked men representing characters invented by others. They call it “the Renaissance”.

Maybe I’m not being so paranoid.


– Both men and women made embroideries in mediaval. Men even more frequently.

– If it come to sewing, women used to sew clothing for women and men clothing for men. 

– Weaving was also done by both men and women.

Trust me, I’m textile designer by my studies. I know this shit.

– There actually were many female fine-artists during both ancient times and mediaval. Even very famous and popular at thair times. It’s just that they aren’t widely know nowadays anymore. DO NO’T FALL FOR “POPULAR MISCONCEPTIONS”! 

This reminds me of Alice Walker’s famous essay “In Search of Our Mother’s Gardens”.

The Gulabi gang is a group of Indian women vigilantes and activists who visit abusive husbands & beat them up with laathis (bamboo sticks) unless they stop abusing their wives.

In 2008, they stormed an electricity office in Banda district and forced officials to turn back the power they had cut in order to extract bribes.[4]They have also stopped child marriages and protested dowry and female illiteracy.

The group, which the Indian media portray positively, was reported to have 20,000 members as of 2008, as well as a chapter in Paris, France.

The Gulabi gang is the subject of the 2010 movie Pink Saris by Kim Longinotto and the 2012 documentary Gulabi Gang by Nishtha Jain. Another movie, Gulab Gang, starring Madhuri Dixit in the leading role, is to be released on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2013.