Avengers Infinity War BBC Interview:
Tom Hiddleston Talks about “The Tragedy of Loki” Scene

Int: And then Matt Damon, surely that must have been a pinch yourself…

Tom: It was very weird, yeah, very peculiar. Taika and I were both feeding him lines of things that I have said over the course of… And I was of course trying to give Matt really witty lines, like, “It would be fun if you said this because I said this in Avengers,” and Taika would just be like, “Nah,” and giving him much funnier things to say.


I don’t want to bring Loki back and let him fall into the wrong hands again. I wish that beautiful death scene in The Dark World was true with his last words “I didn’t do it for him.”

Translation: “I was trying to keep the character consistent and Waititi shat all over that again and again”.


Also I’d like to know WHY the heck Marvel and TW hate this amazing character so much. And why they try in every possible way to put him in bad light, demeanor him and cut him off so blatantly from plots.

They should be grateful to him and Tom for brought them fans and money.


The comments on this is so fucking funny. Taika breathed new life into Loki. Y’all boring asses should be grateful.

Tom: Taika is funnier than me and all the other writers and directors I’ve played this character for.

Loki Stan’s: buhbuh he wasn’t a bland pretentious baddie for us to wet ourselves overrrrrrr.

I forgot about the smile after the snake story! You’re totally right, @sleepynegress. Best Loki scene.

This movie is the only time he actually seemed like an interesting, conflicted trickster instead of a greasy asshole.


@njadakas-grills @gaysunfire @vocifersaurus @sleepynegress  @bana05 Sorry to break all your delusions. 😉👇


is this graph supposed to mean something to me?

The only thing I see is that a majority of Loki stans are only interested in seeing him reduced to a genocidal fascist Christian Gray wannabe

i think taika did a good job at writing canon loki.

no, not marvel.

i mean, Canon Loki

@note-a-bear @blad-the-inhaler I beg your pardon? In Avengers Loki’s goal was to rule the earth. How could he rule people if he killed them all? And you know what is genocide? Here is a living case: In the first Thor movie, angel baby Thor invaded another planet and slaughtered local residents only because they gave him a nickname, and he wouldn’t stop the massacre until Odin arrived and shouted him down.

And in TDW Loki was not a villain anymore. He was an anti-hero there, by saving Thor’s girlfriend almost at the cost of his own life, saving Thor at the cost of being impaled and revenging his mother’s death. Even Kevin Feige admitted Loki acquired the throne without betraying Thor, because Thor renounced it on his own account first.

Now I believe waititi stans have never watched the previous Marvel films but they pretend they have.


-“I feel so lucky with the writing, the way he’s been written. In Kenneth Branagh’s film the writing was very poignant, and you can see the vulnerability in him. Rather like Killmonger in a way, he doesn’t start out as an antagonist; he becomes an antagonist through the revelations. And then Joss Whedon wrote him as a very witty, very charming, very charismatic, and… So I’ve been quite fortunate with some beautifully complex writing of the character.”

-“The best thing about Loki is that if he is afraid he won’t show it. He’s been highly trained through the experience of his slightly traumatic life to shield his fear.”

-“Loki’s death on Svartalfheim was written as a death, and I would say Chris and I played that scene for real. That was meant to be that he redeemed himself, he helped save his brother, he helped save Jane Foster but that he, in the process, sacrificed himself.

SDCC 2013

-When Loki stabbed Thor in the Avengers:

GAGNAROK and Waititi:

Waititi grossly misinterpreted and shat on the character that Hiddleston had painstakingly built; it’s a fact. If you need more evidence I have them. Some people need to learn the difference between character development and retcon. Other than the role of comic relief what did Gagnarok and Waititi give Loki?

To quote this article:

Waititi’s solution was a story in which Loki is mocked and emasculated in almost every scene. It’s very funny, and Hiddleston plays it without visible qualms, but it leaves the character nowhere else to go.

image credits: @whitedaydream

@yume-no-fantasy Thanks for these details! I’m just losing patience with these irrational waititi stans.

And speaking of misinterpretation, I happened to find one of waititi’s tweets:


Never doubt he’d always surprise us more.

The more I read his tweets/words, the more Taika Waititi seems the bully at my school who made my life a nightmare…

Which may be exactly why he appeals to bullies so much. He speaks their language.

So like, of all the things Waititi could pick on Loki for, he chooses to shit on him for being an orphan? What the fuck? That is EXACTLY what a bully would do. It isn’t funny, it’s incredibly mean-spirited. Kinda like making him joke about his attempted suicide.

What is hilarious to me, however, is Waititi trying to say that Loki only talks about himself and it’s annoying. Like… You do that more than anyone else, Taika. I’ve read interviews from you before, lmao. Don’t be a hypocrite.

Not to mention that in this case also his beloved buddy Thor is a space orphan too, not only Loki…

Anyway, Waititi has this behavior, quite gross and indelicate. The disrespectful way he tweets about Loki, the way he has answered to a girl asking for a Loki solo movie was so so rude.

He act exactly like bullies in my school, who mocked me for three years. I can’t read his words or see his behavior without cringe inside, in fear.

@lasimo74allmyworld I feel you :/ I was bullied from 5th grade all the way to senior year and Waititi definitely speaks and behaves like my bullies did as well.

But I take solace in the fact that no matter what he did to try to tear Loki and Tom down, Tom is still here and celebrating the character he brought to life and being an amazing gentleman to all his fans ❤️

@lokisinsurrection this is the most important things!! No one could take him away from us, they can try in any way, put him down, dismiss him but thay can’t succede.

And Tom is the most precious gift we can have.

Ta*ka stans are pathetic

I’m still here


This blog was created to escape this life, this world, with Loki, and it’s going to continue to do exactly that. I don’t accept the bullshit that Marvel just expects us all to swallow. If they think killing him off is going to kill the love and loyalty, they are totally brainless. I don’t know why they’ve fixated on bestowing upon Loki “a hero’s death” or “heroic suicide” and why being a hero only = death for Loki. The thing they can’t realize is that Loki was already a hero in our eyes.

I would rather see him be the worst villain and BE VERY MUCH ALIVE, than this. Loki was already a hero to me, for they way he endured being neglected, ignored, second best, second choice, second loved, unloved, rejected, misunderstood, cast out, abandoned, tossed aside, and thrown away over and over and over again, and still got back up, and remained standing.  He wore his biting wit and sass and mischief like second skin, wore his heartbreak like a badge of courage and weilded it like the most deadliest weapon. It made him cold, it made him viscious, it made him crazy, it made him broken, it made him hurt, it made him die and come back. It made him wonderful. It made him mine. It made him ours.

I know none of this carries any weight with Marvel. I’m just another fangirl. To them we’re just fangirls fangirling, the bane of Marvel fan existence. To others, we’re “stans” and “apologists”. Whatever tag or label people want to give it doesn’t matter to me. Because I know all of this goes right over their heads. Loki wasn’t supposed to last this long or go this far, and the fact that he did is a big, proud middle finger to Marvel and others who didn’t believe and couldn’t see that this, that Loki, was much, much bigger than Marvel, a much bigger animal than Marvel could’ve ever hoped to harness. It’s out of their hands now, it has a life of its own. And they can downplay his powers, humiliate him, degrade him, water him down to appease the masses, even kill him, but that won’t change anything here. They truly underestimate Loki love. 






Here’s why Loki’s death frustrates me.

It wasn’t done to complete his character arc. I could even forgive that oversight if it was done for the sake of Thor’s, but that wasn’t what the writers were going for.

No, the reason Loki died in Infinity War was because he was the main villain in Avengers 1. He was MCU’s Big Bad back in the day. MCU has a problem with less-than-memorable villains, so they decided the best way to make Thanos memorable was to have him dispose of Loki without breaking a sweat.

That’s it. That’s the whole reason they stripped Loki of all his intellect and power. “Oh, you thought Loki was badass and super cool? Haha, check this guy out, rawwwwr.

This is child logic. This is how my two-year-old son plays with his toys.

See, my thinking is, Loki has pretty much always upstaged everyone in every movie he’s in, and TPTB didn’t want any competition for Thanos. I just get this vibe from Marvel, that instead of being glad to have him they’re tired of him. Meanwhile RDJ is literally barging into other character’s movies but that’s ok apparently.

I can buy into that theory.

Tom’s acting was also uncharacteristically flat in Ragnarok. I kept wondering if they asked him to tone it down so that he wouldn’t steal the show.

I feel as though they kind of gave Loki The Fallen Woman plot line, which is appropriate given that he’s pretty well been coded queer in the storyline. He falls from grace. He gets redeemed. But we all know that for the Fallen Woman, redemption is never enough. She must be punished, which nearly always means she dies. See Moll Flanders. See Roxanne. See Ruth. See, in fact, a huge pile of Victorian novels. See Psycho, in fact. 









Goodbye brother.

No. I’m sorry but this is absolutely not true. Thor never really protected Loki from anything or anyone. Thor spent the entirety of the first movie treating Loki like his personal servant- “Know your place, brother.” -Those are not the words of someone who views his brother as an equal or someone he’s protecting. He dragged Loki into Jotunheim (even if Loki DID bring the Jotnar into Asgard, Thor didn’t know it and Loki tried to talk him out of going).

In Avengers, Thor spent the entire time manhandling Loki and threatening him. NEVER ONCE did he ask Loki if HE NEEDED HELP. NOT. ONE. DAMN. TIME. The closest he came to asking what had happened was- “Who controls the would-be king?”

Then in TTDW, Loki was only allowed out of prison because Thor couldn’t do the job himself. And Thor never realized that the reason Loki faked his death was to get out of going back to the dungeons.

Thor doesn’t deserve Loki’s life. Loki deserves to have HIS OWN LIFE without the expectations and constraints that have been placed upon him for so long by Thor and Odin.

Fight me.

Fight us.

“No. I’m sorry but this is absolutely not true. Thor never really protected Loki from anything or anyone.”

THIS to infinity.

I would echo what @starrynightfantasies has said here. Thor showed no concern for Loki during the first Thor film, or during the first Avengers film, or even during The Dark World. Thor broke Loki out of prison out of self interest. He fully intended to put him right back in that cell, as soon as he no longer needed him. 

I would argue that we don’t know why Loki faked his death -because we haven’t been told explicitly. Most likely because that was never the ending the writers intended for TDW, and it was only changed later on.

Loki is not indebted to anyone. If anything, Thor is indebted to him. Without Loki’s intervention at the end of Ragnarok, there would have been no survivors. Without Loki’s intervention at the end of TDW, Jane and possibly Thor, would both be dead.

These are lovely gifs though. So I don’t want you to think this is a commentary on your gif making skills. 





It’s worth noting too that on Jotunheim, Thor started the fight that put his friends in grave danger but it was Loki who then saved their lives.

Loki saved at least Sif and Fandral’s lives (I forget if there were any others, it’s been a while) but Thor was too busy claiming “glory” or some such shit to have his friend’s backs during the battle.

👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 FUCKING THIS




It’s funny. Six months ago Loki stans were pissed off about his characterization in Ragnarok, thinking that he couldn’t possibly have been handled any worse, and now fast forward to Infinity War and we’re all just like


I’d want to go back to here

And just let it be a happy ending.







“There’s nothing else left for Loki to do in the MCU! His story’s over!”

Well, personally I’ve barely seen any of the things I’ve wanted Loki to do so far, so here’s a list. Things that Loki should still do / that should still happen to Loki in the MCU:

– Loki having an actual deep conversation with Thor about why he’s angry and what went wrong in their relationship. Thor actually apologizing for treating Loki badly when they were younger. Thor and Loki hugging. (You know, kind of like the talk Gamora and Nebula got to have at the end of GotG2.)

– Other characters actually acknowledging that Odin wronged Loki and that (even though he went about it all wrong) Loki had a right to be upset. Thor acknowledging that Loki’s slights were not “imagined”.

– Loki meeting the Avengers again, becoming the snarky “villain-turned-ally” character (think Zuko from AtlA), and fighting alongside them

– Loki coming to terms with his Jotun heritage. We got a bit of this in Infinity War, but I wanted so much more, like:

– Loki changing into his Jotun form – and finding out what exactly Odin did to make him look Aesir in the first place

– Loki using his ice powers (and Tony wasting no time to nickname him ‘Elsa’ or ‘Jack Frost’)

– Loki travelling to Jotunheim to find out more about his birth culture. Meeting his biological siblings (and Thor getting jealous about it). Getting to hear the other side of the story of the war. Finding out how much of the story Odin told Loki about finding him abandoned as a baby is actually true and how much Odin invented to make himself look better. Dealing with any feelings of guilt Loki might have about killing Laufey and trying to destroy Jotunheim.

– Loki meeting the GotG and just getting to interact with them

– Loki and Gamora bonding over their similar backstories (I’ll make a whole other post about this at some point…)

– Loki and Nebula becoming snarky BFFs who bond over their pain and play pranks on their siblings together

– Mantis describing Loki’s own feelings of self-loathing to him

– Loki’s bisexuality/non-straightness actually being adressed (for example through him admitting he had an affair with the Grandmaster?)

– Loki coming out as genderfluid and shape-shifting into Lady Loki (played by Katie McGrath or Eva Green)

– Loki and Thor travelling to Heven and finding their long-lost sister Angela

– Loki living on Earth and becoming BFFs with Verity Willis

– For some reason I really want to see Loki running a night club on Earth

Feel free to add to the list

The thing is… I think a lot of the people saying Loki doesn’t have anything left to do or his story is over simply don’t recognize that Loki had any good reasons for being angry and upset, that the slights against him weren’t imagined, that Thor ever treated Loki badly or bore any responsibility for the poor state of their relationship. They seem to think (like Taika Waititi, apparently) that Loki was just being an asshole for no reason and that the only thing Thor was doing wrong or needed to change was continuing to reach out to Loki and offer him his love and trust.

So agree with all this.


This, my friends, is exactly what fanfiction is for. Because, lbr, we won’t ever get any of this in the MCU. But I could definitely (with the permission of OP, ofc), take a stab at writing either a whole long fic or connected vignettes even. Because all of this is amazing.

OP here, and YES PLEASE! Feel free to write any of this! And tag me in it if you do, so I can read it!!!

(I should mention that some of these ideas were actually inspired be fanfictions I read ages ago and only vaguely remember.)

(And please do me one favour if you write any of this, and don’t make Loki straight. I’m just saying that because there’s people in my notes right now arguing about MCU-Loki’s sexuality (I made a post where I called him an LGBT-character and they got angry about it) and it’s very exhausting…)


What he said: I, Loki, Prince of Asgard, Odin’s Son, the Rightful King of Jotunheim, God of Mischief, do hereby pledge to you my undying fidelity

What it meant: I, Loki, Stepping-stone of Thor, Odin’s Scapegoat, the Dispensable Plot Device of the MCU, God of Knives, do hereby give my life up to fuel Thor’s Manpain™, for the sake of furthering his storyline and character development, or so the Russos claim; and also to sacrifice myself (again) for my brother as a form of “redemption” due to the writers’ laziness and lack of creativity, even though I already did that before in The Dark World, but it was retconned into a “faked death” and a joke in the eyes of the audience thanks to the irresponsible writing in Gagnarok.

Just to clarify, I have nothing against the characters.


Let’s be real: when white fan boys say they agree with Thanos it’s because they feel safe. They think themselves too important to be a victim. They imagine themselves as an intellectually minded arbiter of balance. When they say that *some* people should be sacrificed for the greater good, they have *very specific* groups in mind.

And that is why although Thanos’ actions are not the academic definition of genocide, they’re a macrocosmic metaphor for it, and I will continue to refer to it as such.

The same thing happened after TDW. I pointed out that in the first movie, Thor’s act of heroism was to figure out that genocide is bad and stop Loki from committing it. Then in TDW, the central heroic act was… genocide. Committed by Thor. And Bor had a statue 60 feet tall commemorating his incomplete genocide of the Dark Elves. But Loki must’ve just been evil to think that genociding a species he had been taught to regard as monstrous, and which was at war with his realm, was a good thing to do. Yes.

Anyway, the pretzels people twisted themselves into to try to deny that Thor murdering every remaining Dark Elf was not genocide were truly stunning. One person said that it’s not genocide if you’re at war with the species you wipe out. (In that case, Loki’s attack on Jotunheim was not genocide.) Another condescendingly explained that Thor, Odin and Bor committed *good* genocide while Loki attempted *bad* genocide.

Loki’s movies give you a harrowing glimpse into the darker reaches of the human soul.




So guys, the thing about Marvel… the reason most of the movies are so shitty, and that Marvel keeps stabbing us in the back… is that these movies are not made for us.

They are made for young men who just want a release of testosterone by watching muscle-bound guys beat each other up and occasional boobs. The intended audience doesn’t give a flying fuck about character development, or plot logic, or even right and wrong.

Their target audience is the guys who gave the world Gamergate.

Usually we don’t care about this. In a movie starring Jean-Claude Van Damme or something, no one expects complexity or logic, everyone expects punching and explosions.

Unfortunately for us, they accidentally hired a couple of super-talented actors who gave depth to what were supposed to be cardboard characters. And we begged them to follow through and they were really pissed. What are those girls doing in here? How dare they want something good? We’re trying to indulge ourselves in mindless escapism here.

That’s why they keep screwing Loki, alternately torturing his character or giving him stupid scenes. It’s why they hired the worst director currently drawing breath, the loathsome Taika Waititi, to direct Loki’s fourth movie: to punish us for loving Loki.

These movies aren’t for us. Really great things could be made of these raw materials but for the most part they won’t be, no matter how much we beg for a Loki movie that doesn’t try to pretend that some other character is the main one (as if Loki wouldn’t be the central character of any story he was in), or a Black Widow movie, or less whitewashing of characters, or a logical resolution to plots that have spanned several movies, or for Steve and Bucky to get officially married already. They’d make huge bank on these things, but they won’t, because they hate us more than they love money.

Let’s channel our frustration into creating new canons that follow through on their promises. That achieve their potential. The way they back-stabbed us will never stop hurting, but we can create something good out of it.

And those of you who decide to do just that, please, link me. I wanna read or watch it.

I’m so gratified this keeps getting notes. Something I should have mentioned here, but didn’t think of sooner:

Gagnarok implied that Loki was forced to prostitute himself in order to survive as part of Marvel’s punishment for women. “You identify with this guy? Fine, we’ll force him to sell his body! Even though that makes no sense whatsoever! We want you females to remember your place!”

And the way they keep “forgetting” how powerful and clever he is so that he makes idiotic mistakes or is easily overpowered… this is just the usual fictional male overcoming formidable women, Hercules defeating Hippolyte, Achilles defeating Penthesilea, etc., only one step removed because the symbolic woman is a man with some feminine qualities who many women identify with and love.

Just, fellow women, don’t forget how much Marvel hates us. Because they hate us a lot.

I feel this highlights some important points. There was such an MRA stench about all this… and Loki was strangled, like what men do with women they hate…

Yikes, I hadn’t made that connection. :-/




Am I supposed to be alive? Am I dead? To tell you the truth, I do not know it for sure,…I only know I’m here. I have always been here, and I will always be, laughing at the dark destinies of those who have summoned me.

Cheap writers have turned their attention to me, and have thought to tell my story through talking images …nice trick, fun, nothing to say. They summoned my name, my body, my voice, claiming to know the events, to be able to scrutinize Gods’ souls,…you foolish presumptuous!

But all they were able to do was telling my story through the pungent words of my brother, the cold gaze of my father, the harsh and free sarcasm of those who had labeled me since childhood. I watched them, these people, playing with my name, using it for their stories, to enchant and entertain, like the barking bards in my father’s Hall.

Loki Laufeyson, God of Mischief, Silvertongue, God of Chaos, the Deceiver, Sower of Discord. Some of the names with which men know me do not belong to me, …they have been given to me like fleas that a steed picks up along the way.

Only a few knew how to hear my soul go painfully shattered, the awful moment I understood the mountain of lies that my whole life was made of. 

They called me God of Mischief, but who had been the greatest deception? Who has deceived a child, misleads a boy, rejected a son, denigrated a God? The One whom the Nine Realms call with his endless, pompous names, he, the Old egocentric bastard: Odin, the Allfather… may Hel devour him!

He has turned my life into a vile and painful lie from the very beginning. Since his pathetic tale about how he had saved my life, when I was just a baby, in Jotunheim. This is what has been told, this is what people believe.

Yet I have always wondered if it was not just another well-designed lie to cover himself with glory, at my expense. What if I had not been abandoned at all, as he always made me believe? What if he had simply kidnapped me, instead, like a bird of prey does with a hare?

I lived eons of time with this doubt that tore my mind and soul. Despite this, I was stupid enough to love my father with a deep visceral love; I wished for years to be his worthy son, but he already had Thor and he didn’t know what to do with me. I would have given my life for a nod of approval, to know that he was proud of me … but when, perhaps, the events were making us get closer it was too late, and dark ghosts of our past had got in the way. I, who craved the love of my family as the dry land begs for water I suddenly understood that I was nothing but a lonely soul, which belonged to nothing and no one. 

I was raised in deception and resentment, and for a while I also became what others had decided I should be. Just for a while.

Now I’m tired of hearing my life told by voices that aren’t mine, like the one, always sweetly arrogant, of my brother. I hated him with burning rage, then I desperately loved him as the most devoted brother, … I betrayed him but it was a deception too. 

In truth, behind his idiotic smile as a savior of the Realms, there was always my help, my skill, my presence. While he saw nothing but himself reflected in everything.

They told my own story using Thor’s words, Odin’s actions, the distorted image of a Frost Giant among the splendid Gods of Asgard. They took my name and then covered it with their malice, thrown it in the mud, exposed, humiliated and trampled for everyone to laugh at me. Suddenly I became Loki, the Jester, the unreliable and annoying brother. The buffoon who plays with knives and snakes, and who enjoys watching obscene shows of his own death, like a disgusting, depraved soul.

They evoked my name and presence as if I were a pawn to play with. I would have to disappear soon, their plans were very different and I was not part of it. Nothing that I didn’t know already. Loki was supposed to be nothing but the rough copy of himself, a banal stereotype, the villain of those legends that Midgardians like so much.

My purpose was to exalt Thor, because nothing could affect his glittering figure of hero of the Nine Worlds. They called me “murderer” but when he almost decimated my kin, a thousand voices rose to cheer him. They said that I betrayed him and yet it was him (along with my father) who denied me to attend at the funeral of my beloved mother; him who tortures me with a painful witchcraft of an alien planet, … leaving me alone, twitching on the floor waiting to die, while a stabbing fire devoured my blood made of ice. And that braggart knew it. Just as he knew that I would still come to his aid when there were no more ways out for him.

Nonetheless I could still be bullied and mocked, because I was “just Loki”, the second son, the adopted, the skittish, the deceiver, the jealous, the one who doesn’t deserve anything. I had to remain quiet, in my place in the background, mute, predictable in my unpredictability, plotting in the shadow like a Dark Elf, while the Nine Worlds melted in love for my precious brother, untarnished and invincible. But these sturdy storytellers didn’t summoned Balder the Sickly-Sweet, the accommodating Balder the Young; they wanted me, Loki God of Mischief and Chaos, so I have satisfied them.

And I messed up their plans, bringing that chaos they had tried to silence, and that they had deluded themselves to be able to control. I came out of the background, out of my place. Broken their rules. Rewrite their story, my story. I spoke aloud with my voice, and i touched deep and painful chords in those who knew how to find Loki Laufeyson among the bluster of the God of Thunder. People who understood my pain, saw the abyss of despair and self disgust where I had been thrown, heard my cries of suffering, touched my bleeding heart… and they were never the same anymore. They embraced my tragedy and tied it to their lives, recognizing themselves in my looks, in my silences, even in the sentences that were to serve to undress myself of all my dignity.

There’s a sentence that sums up all this, and it is the only truth that, in the end, has smeared the sheets on which they write. A phrase that opposed my phantom “army” to a green muscled monster who grunts like a primitive ape. He had to make people laugh, emphasize my inadequacy, highlight the uselessness of my supposed “plan”.

“I have an army!”, “We have a Hulk!” … I heard them, the mocking laughs at me. Yet now, that army exists and screams my name.

Proudly. Like Odin’s chosen warriors, who hails his name in the middle of battle. They’re people made of flesh and blood, and this thing amuses me and makes me proud at the same time. MY PEOPLE.

They are the last ones, those who have always remained in the shadows, in silence, voiceless; those who bitterly cried in the darkness of their rooms, all alone, scared, misunderstood; those who suffered,…no matter what, no matter how much. No one is competing, and no one can measures the pain. They called for the God of Mischief to belittle him and make fun of him, but without realizing that I am not the submissive puppet of whom they wanted to move the wires.

I am a God. And a Frost Giant.

I am powerful magic and ancient spells.

I am devouring fire, and a shape-shifter.

I am the shining God of Mischief in the golden citadel of Asgard, and the Lost Prince in the frozen land of Jotunheim.

I am a God, not a knife-thrower, a stupid buffoon. Nor I am the dark well to be filled with dung for my brother to shine.

Am I supposed to be alive? Am i dead? It doesn’t matter, it never had.

I’m Loki Laufeyson.

I am there since the beginning of time, and I’ll always be because a God rides life with no fear and laughs at death’s face.

Because even death, between my magic fingers, becomes deception itself, like the mist that hides the horizon, …a fleeting laugh on the wings of the wind. Maybe it exists, maybe not …

Or maybe it is me, who laughs at those who have summoned me to throw me into the mud of humiliation,…of those who now cringe in front of a growing army of voices that scream my name for vengeance. 



This is my contribution to Loki’s Army. I’d like the idea that is Loki speaking, for once, telling things through his eyes as he had lived it.

I’d like to tag some of Loki’s Army amazing people here on Tumblr @lokiloveforever @leenalee  @vesperazylra @lucianalight @the-lokis-queen @hisasgardianangel @latent-thoughts @mastreworld @whitedaydream @le-chat-sur-mars @nightcrawler0213 @nooo-body @mylittlesunshineblog @juliabohemian