I was watching again “Thor” and I saw that Loki has the same nervous gesture that his Mother ! And when they share their emotions.

The actors did that on purpose. 🙂





medieval dramas that dress the men’s top halves like it’s 1400 but their lower halves are wearing modern trousers because accurate hose are a little too… uh…


Because they are cowards!

Men now: lol women are so stupid leggings aren’t pants

Men of history: what do u mean


Well, at least the MCU tried.



You are our son, Loki, and we, your family. You must believe that.



The way his face changes. It’s subtle, but absolutely heartbreaking. In the first gif, he looks sad, but like he wants to hear something more. He wants to believe that the parents he knows and loves haven’t been lying to him for his entire life. But then his mother confirms it. And the more she speaks…the more he shuts down. She says “You must believe that,” and he blinks–like he’s trying very hard not to cry. Inside, he must be screaming HOW CAN I STILL BELIEVE THAT? But he loves his mother…and at least she’s trying to tell him the truth. The worst part is, by the last gif, his eyes are teary but almost completely dead. 


ok ok ok so i think his relationship with frigga was really underrated. she was obviously the one who taught him to fight with magic and really did treat him as her own son, while odin just saw him as a tool. also odin goes and has frigga’s funeral without even notifying loki. ugh it just hurts.