Clint lies to himself in vain about who he belongs to…

Repeating inside his head that his body can be beaten and broken but his heart and soul will never be claimed.

But if that were true, the god’s touch should repulse him… instead of sustain him


*One Shot*

Clint is double crossed on a solo mission resulting in his unfortunate demise.

Twisted and broken with heartache, Loki makes his way through the nine realms in search of the man’s missing spirit.

He eventually finds out who has a strangle hold on it and there is no price he won’t pay to get it back.


Loki stalks as close to the archer’s young shadow as he can before calling out to him.

With only a glance vicious grabbing hands pierce through wood and stone to block the god’s path.

“You can’t save him.” the words echo in Loki’s ears as the darkness envelops Barton

I won’t let you…



That turn was so smooth

You’re focusing on the turn but I’m focusing on how his eyes didn’t move from Clint the whole time and how he is looking so intensely like some sort of predator geez Loki calm down

“Loki calm down”? Are you serious?


Loki and Black Widow compete for Hawkeye to the tune of “Jolene”. Just premiered at Tribal Forces.


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