people be all “oh the hannibal fandom is dead” well no shit we’ve been dead this whole time we’re blogging from our crypts makin memes with our ouija boards like at least try to keep up with us sweety 🙂

catch me in the churchyard at 3am talkin about the curve of will graham’s butt


Could he daily feel a stab of hunger for you and find nourishment at the very sight of you?


It took me long enough, but it just now occurred to me that Bedelia’s choice of words – stab, hunger, nourishment – was probably pointed.

And Hannibal doesn’t have to actually eat Will to be “nourished” by him. The very sight of Will would nourish him.

every episode of Hannibal


pretty much anyone: (looking at a dead body) his tongue’s been cut out, almost surgically, like they were planning on using the organ for something else

hannibal: everyone come over to my house and eat this freshly prepared tongue i made

literally everyone: how delightful and unrelated to everything else going on

hannibal: I think you’ll find everything is related

straight up everyone, who have at least a graduate degree and are qualified to work for the FBI: (while eating tongue) haha, oh hannibal