Goodbye brother.

No. I’m sorry but this is absolutely not true. Thor never really protected Loki from anything or anyone. Thor spent the entirety of the first movie treating Loki like his personal servant- “Know your place, brother.” -Those are not the words of someone who views his brother as an equal or someone he’s protecting. He dragged Loki into Jotunheim (even if Loki DID bring the Jotnar into Asgard, Thor didn’t know it and Loki tried to talk him out of going).

In Avengers, Thor spent the entire time manhandling Loki and threatening him. NEVER ONCE did he ask Loki if HE NEEDED HELP. NOT. ONE. DAMN. TIME. The closest he came to asking what had happened was- “Who controls the would-be king?”

Then in TTDW, Loki was only allowed out of prison because Thor couldn’t do the job himself. And Thor never realized that the reason Loki faked his death was to get out of going back to the dungeons.

Thor doesn’t deserve Loki’s life. Loki deserves to have HIS OWN LIFE without the expectations and constraints that have been placed upon him for so long by Thor and Odin.

Fight me.

Fight us.

“No. I’m sorry but this is absolutely not true. Thor never really protected Loki from anything or anyone.”

THIS to infinity.

I would echo what @starrynightfantasies has said here. Thor showed no concern for Loki during the first Thor film, or during the first Avengers film, or even during The Dark World. Thor broke Loki out of prison out of self interest. He fully intended to put him right back in that cell, as soon as he no longer needed him. 

I would argue that we don’t know why Loki faked his death -because we haven’t been told explicitly. Most likely because that was never the ending the writers intended for TDW, and it was only changed later on.

Loki is not indebted to anyone. If anything, Thor is indebted to him. Without Loki’s intervention at the end of Ragnarok, there would have been no survivors. Without Loki’s intervention at the end of TDW, Jane and possibly Thor, would both be dead.

These are lovely gifs though. So I don’t want you to think this is a commentary on your gif making skills. 





It’s worth noting too that on Jotunheim, Thor started the fight that put his friends in grave danger but it was Loki who then saved their lives.

Loki saved at least Sif and Fandral’s lives (I forget if there were any others, it’s been a while) but Thor was too busy claiming “glory” or some such shit to have his friend’s backs during the battle.

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fun fact: loki had very little screen time in infinity war because tom hiddleston’s back was extremely sore from carrying the thor franchise for 7 years




“They had to kill Loki so Thor could finally take center stage in his own franchise!”

Uhm… listen, if you have to kill literally everyone and everything from a franchise – because it’s not just Loki, they also killed Heimdall, Thor’s friends, and the Asgardians – just so no one can outshine your hero ever again, then maybe you just did a bad job at making that hero interesting in the first place. (I’m not saying Thor’s not interesting, I’m just saying this reasoning makes no sense.)

Also, since when is it a problem when another character’s more popular than the main hero? That happens all the time? The main heroes of stories are almost never my faves, so what? Why would you need to punish your audience for liking another character? Doesn’t it make more sense to give a character a bigger part if the audience likes them instead of limiting their screentime and senselessly killing them off because “the audience’s supposed to like that other guy”? 

Sorry, but that is exactly what happened in the comics from what I know, so this was always the plan. And there’s a part two, remember that.

I haven’t read the comics, but what I definitely know is that these movies already aren’t faithful to them, so I’m not expecting them to be, either. Many of the MCU characters have completely different personalities and motivations from their comic counterparts. For instance, comic!Loki was a full-fledged villain at this point, while MCU!Loki has spent the last few movies somewhere between anti-villain and anti-hero and is a hero now. These movies are supposed to be good and make sense outside of the comic books, and that’s how I’m juding them.

And no, this wasn’t “always the plan.” Tom Hiddleston has recently said that Loki was originally supposed to die in The Dark World, and they only filmed that ending-scene where he turns out to be alive because the test-audiences didn’t believe he was actually dead. Marvel’s been trying to kill this character for a while now because they just don’t seem to understand what to do with him.

And yes, I know there’s part two. That doesn’t mean I can’t feel disappointed about my fave only having three minutes of screentime in part one, and getting killed off before the title card even appears, while every other character got to interact with each other for a whole movie and do some badass stuff before dying. (Do you have any idea how long I’ve waited to see Loki fight alongside the Avengers? Yes, I feel cheated I didn’t get to see that!)

Thor has been in, what is it, 6 movies and has not had one atom of character development. Beth the Waitress from Avengers had more character development than Thor did.



Okay this is my first time watching Thor and I’m only 40 minutes in, but why exactly does everyone blame Loki for everyhing when the one who started the war was Thor?

Like his “friends” were like “Thor has caused war, betrayed his father’s will to maintain peace, is in general arrogant and a jock, so this obviously must mean that Loki’s evil”, like, what?!

I haven’t finished the movie, so it might turn out they were right in the end, but I still don’t think it’ll be Loki’s fault! I mean, every choice Thor has made so far, he has made it on his own, no mind games, no tricks, no nothing. So why is everyone so quick to blame Loki?

And they wonder why we prefer Loki over Thor.

Spoilery thoughts about Ragnarok and Infinity War under the cut.

Ragnarok: Thor tortures Loki and leaves him in agony. A third character has to come and put a stop to the torture.

IW: Thor is being tortured. Loki sacrifices his own life to rescue him.



Not for nothing but Thor passed out when he got zapped. Every time. Loki got zapped literally for an hour or so stood up and led a revolution so I’m saying there’s different kinds of strength

All that torture in Thanos hands made him stronger to withstand torture.

*cries* I love you loki


Every villain is a hero in his own mind.
– Tom Hiddleston 

This really drives me nuts. Loki is a hero in reality… but not in his own mind. He hasn’t thought of himself that way in a long time.

Also, most villains don’t see themselves as heroes. Thor is an exception, he’s a villain who thinks he’s a hero, but he’s dumber than a rock.