‘I came into this and called Joe and Anthony and said, “Look, don’t write me the old Thor, we’ve got a new Thor now,”’ Chris said.

He was referencing the highly acclaimed shift towards a comedic, self-referential tone he and Taika made with Ragnarok.

But instead of observing his request to keep the character’s newfound mojo alive, the Russo brothers reportedly told him they’d ‘reinvented’ the character once again.

Chris recalled his response: ‘I was like “no, no, no” and I was really protective of what I’d created with Taika.’

They explained that the new direction was in line with the higher-stakes of the Avengers film, and to ensure the character worked well in an ensemble cast.


Chris Hemsworth argued with writers after they reinvented Thor in Avengers Infinity War

Name that movie!



That awkward moment when your brother is mad at you, but you’re such a self involved dick that you actually don’t know why, so when you try to apologize, you say “whatever I have done to wrong you…” and instead of accepting your apology, he tries to kill you, because he knows you’re still a self involved dick.

That awkward moment when you can’t be bothered visiting your brother in prison, even to let him know that your mother is dead, but you go see him right away, when you need help saving your girlfriend, because you can’t do it by yourself, and all the while you make sure to remind your brother what a piece of shit he is.

That awkward moment where you tell your brother that you always thought the world of him, even though you actually think the worst of him, and you try really hard to be funny, but end up coming off like an immature asshole, and also you get a bad haircut and lose an eye.

Imagine if people oversimplified Thor’s actions/motivations to the extent that they do Loki’s. Bear in mind, this is isn’t meant to be taken literally. It’s just food for thought. @lasimo74allmyworld​ @lokiloveforever​ @whitedaydream​ @shine-of-asgard @lucianalight 

Thank you @juliabohemian for tagging me. You exactly pointed out the things that have been bothering me in the movies. Like if I am mad at someone and they tell me “whatever I have done to wrong you…”, it only adds fuel to my fire. It’s like they just want to make me stop without caring about why I am mad. Granted Thor couldn’t have known what Loki had gone through in those days and he just wanted Loki to stop trying to hurt his friends. The thing is I can understand both of them here. They both have a right to act as they did. But most of people only blame Loki because he is portrayed as the villain.

In TDW I can understand that Thor was angry and didn’t wanted to see Loki. But I can’t understand why no one asked Loki what happened to him, why he attacked Earth. Everyone just assumed the worst of him. And when Thor went to visit Loki, all the while the voice of Loki in this scene was echoing in my mind:

Still throughout these two movies, despite all their flaws, Thor and Loki are both on a path to grow. At the end of TDW Thor is trying to be a good man and Loki is free of the need to pleasing his father or anyone. But TR made Thor and Loki go back to where they started. I can’t justify anything Thor did in that movie.




A thing I did NOT LIKE in Thor: Ragnarok

I remember that everyone in the cinema was laughing their ass off during that one particular scene while I was just sitting there, mouth lightly agape and holding onto my arm while thinking: What the fuck.

What scene am I talking about?

The oh-so funny scene where Thor shocked Loki.

I hated that scene. It wasn’t funny at all, it was just…sad. And painful.

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures or GIFs of that scene, and even if, I probably wouldn’t put them in here because I honestly can’t stand looking at it.

So, let’s take a look at the script instead:

“Writhing in pain” and “convulses in agony on the floor” . I think we all have that one blurry image in our minds of that scene; Thor actually hurt Loki. And Loki was actually in pain.

Hell, he was paralyzed.

This is the scene that happens later on, where Korg finds Loki. Twitching and convulsing on the ground.

How in the nine realms is that funny?

Honestly, I was so pissed during that scene. Some people even think that Loki deserved it (like one of my friends does) but honestly, I think that was too much. Loki did some things in his life, but he did not deserve that.

Not even a bit.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually like Thor and he’s my 2nd favourite avenger, but what he did to Loki in that scene was just too much in my opinion.

@lokiloveforever Have you seen this post yet? 😀

I hadn’t seen this yet, thanks @thiddlestonismyknight and @xxniahdxx , I feel the same way you do. I hate this scene so much, and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing either,and sat there in disbelief through pretty much the whole damn movie. I and a friend of mine closed our eyes for the whole scene, she even had her fingers in her ears, but I could hear everything that was being said even though my eyes were closed.  I have seen several people make this exact comment: “Nobody loves Loki more than I do, and hell, even I think he deserved it!” Oookay, good for you, I guess. But for me, that’s not how you get through to someone you supposedly love,and it’s not about somebody getting “what they deserve”. Yeah, Loki was going to turn Thor in, but after that shitty speech he gave Loki in the elevator, Loki was angry and already hurt. He had been trying to get through to Thor since Odin died, but it was like talking to a brick wall. It’s funny that that thing was called an obedience disc. Thor put it on Loki to get him to obey, to change him, to change his behavior into something Thor would be pleased with. Another word for that is torture. He tortured him into being good. And he left him there, he was 100% DONE with Loki. He didn’t know who would find the stupid control to that thing, or if anybody ever would. He left, he didn’t care.




#also: this is why a solo loki movie would never work # he’s too tied up in his goddamned brother (via sexualthorientation)

I am not agreed.

a solo movie about his life would be a great idea. To be able to know Loki’s feelings, to understand everything from his childhood to now.

finally see that Loki is not a heartless monster as Marvel wanted to
make it heard to everyone and to all deleted important scenes.

Like when it was Frigga who gave him the throne in THOR Movie, he did not take it.

THIS ⬆⬆⬆

Look, there hasn’t been any reason for Thor to exist in any of Loki’s movies even though most of them were named after him. Loki was the center every time and Thor was just kind of there. Let’s stop naming Loki’s movies after a trivial supporting character.

The only reason Thor has any significance whatsoever is that Loki loves him. Given everything he’s done to Loki, I don’t think even Loki’s loyalty could have survived all the torture and attempted murder and betrayal and cruelty Thor inflicted on him. So they basically nuked Thor’s relevance from orbit. Let the character die in a random landslide at the beginning of the next movie and then move on with the actual story.




In light of THIS post:

First, I’d really like to write more about this, but free time is intermittent for me. Please, please don’t comment or share this just to argue with me. If you have well thought out points that are based on critical thinking, okay. Otherwise, that’s not why I come to this site. And I will probably just end up blocking you to save myself the stress.

That being said…

I think my issue with Thor fans is that they don’t analyze Loki’s relationship with him critically. Imagine that you just met these two guys. They weren’t gods. They were just two brothers. One wasn’t a hero and one wasn’t a villain. They were just regular guys. Their relationship would seem woefully imbalanced. Most people’s perception of these two characters is deeply colored by the fact that one is marketed to us as a hero and the other a villain.

I often seen people cite examples of how Thor loves Loki -but then they will list something that is actually an example of how their relationship is dysfunctional. Thor “trusting” Loki in TDW was not love. It was desperation to save Jane. It was about his infatuation for Jane. Thor’s relationship with Jane didn’t last -most likely because it was more about possessing her than actually being with her physically. 

Thor telling Loki “maybe you’re not so bad” or “maybe there’s still good in you” or “I thought the world of you” is not love. It’s manipulative and passive aggressive and once again, dysfunctional. 

Thor using Loki to do “get help” was not an example of how well they get along. It was an example of how Thor continually disregards Loki’s feelings, as long as it serves his purpose. 

Thor is nice to Loki when he needs something from him. The eagerness with which Loki responds to this is disturbing. They are both very messed up people. Loki’s eagerness to gain validation from someone is most likely what led to his entanglement with Thanos. 

Thor’s obsession with Earth is not love. It’s ego. He likes the idea of protecting someone who is smaller than he is. He likes that they adore and worship them there. And in his defense…who the hell wouldn’t like that?

Does that mean Thor isn’t capable of love? No way. It just means that because of his personalty, experience and maturity level, his concept of what it means to love someone is fairly skewed. Loki’s too, for that matter.

Now all of that being said, I don’t mind that this is their relationship. If they weren’t dysfunctional, they would likely be very boring. I continue to be confused as to why people want to defend Thor, as though the fact that he is a hero means he is supposed to be completely without flaws or questionable motives.

In classic literature, heroes are flawed by nature.

Here’s what Thor SHOULD have said to Fury in Avengers: “My brother tried to kill himself and I’m frankly relieved to find out that he’s still alive. He is unwell, I’m afraid. Please allow me to talk to him and reason with him and take him back home.” And then Thor would have done his best to return Loki to Asgard immediately, instead of dicking around on a hillside with Tony Stark and then dragging Loki off so SHIELD could put him in Bruce Banner’s cage. Those would have been the actions of someone who loved and cared for his brother. Unfortunately, they would also have made for a very boring movie, which is why we got something else.

I will add to this later, when I have time.

Thor using Loki to do “get help” was not an example of how well they get along. It was an example of how Thor continually disregards Loki’s feelings, as long as it serves his purpose.  

I was just a little uncomfortable when they played “get help”. But after Thor’s exultant reply “Not for me. It’s not” to Loki’s repeated “it’s humiliating”, I felt incensed and sick. I can’t believe the whole production team didn’t realize how inappropriate the dialog was. And what followed is Thor electrocuted Loki and watched him convulsing in agony with a satisfied smile “Oh brother, it looks painful”. THIS IS A PSYCHOPATH WHO SHOULD BE IN A HORROR MOVIE! At that time I decided when I have kids, I would not let them watch this film (and even the whole series) because it implied to the audience that to disrespect, disregard and even torture your siblings is what heroes do.

The infamous “get help” scene…

When I watch it, in the theater, I felt very uncomfortable and it’s been a trigger for my anxiety. I was bullied at school, not physically, fortunately…but hearing and seeing Thor laugh at his brother discomfort and humiliation, it’s been very disturbing.

And the electrocution scene as well. I always skip these two scenes when I watch the movie, because it doesn’t add anything at the plot. Just these cruel giggles of bullies as I remembered in my teenage.

It’s the kind of humor completely inappropriate and gross. The stupid bullies’ sense of humor.

Ragnarok: So, we’re going to dial back how incredibly stupid we made Thor in the last few movies.
Me: Great!
Ragnarok: However, we’re going to keep him just as vicious.
Me: …









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What a time to be alive.

not sure about this

Loki should rank much higher

I don’t hate Thor, but I’d pick two, five, and six over Thor any day 

Umm. No. Yall don’t get it, do you?

(disclaimer: this is my opinion and yall don’t gotta agree, I’m just being dramatic. But let’s face it, yall know I’m right)

Loki is a sorcerer without equal (arguably? I can’t keep up). Just think for a sec about what he can do to your body or your mind without a word or a touch…

He’s been to countless worlds and can take you to all of them. And needless to say he’s learned some shit along the way.



He lives and dresses lavishly

He’s a fucking FROST GIANT

He has SUPER strength and endurance

He has (depending on who you ask) had all kinds of lovers

He has lived as both a man and a woman

He is a god

He is a king

That fucking helmet…


ALSO, those HANDS!


That SILVER Tongue!


That PACKAGE that is so obscene and all up in your face regardless of what kind of kinky outfit they put him in, that it’s literally been cgi’d or whatever away for modesty.

ALSO his wardrobe is composed almost completely of KINKY METAL AND LEATHER EVERYYYTHINNNNG

And did yall not see how he handled Jane? Like there’s literally no better/worse word for how he was with her when he saved her boring ass. He HANDLED her

Let’s be serious here. Loki is the ultimate slut and sex connoisseur. Any sexual encounter with Loki would be the epitome of all sexual experiences.

~If I had a proper internet connection, this is where I’d add a smug Loki GIF.~

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Lol adding the smug Loki GIF for you-

I agree, any sexual encounter with Loki would blow you away. 😉😏

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Loki is gorgeous. His character is so fucking complex! He is just beautiful!

AND HE’S SO HOT! So clever, so eloquent! He’s amazing!

Loki is the God of sex!


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@the-lokis-queen  you are awesome

It’s canon that Thor would be terrible in bed.