What she says: I’m fine
What she means: Do you notice how in The Avengers (2012) when Tony Stark is listing off the different Avengers as reasons why Loki won’t win he doesn’t include himself in the descriptions? Because even though he spent the entire movie working with the Avengers and is about to fight to save New York with the Avengers he still remembers Natasha’s Avengers Initiative profile listing Tony Stark as “not recommended” and he truly believes that he isn’t worthy enough to be an Avengers and he truly believes he still isn’t Avenger, even though at the beginning the film when he asked “I thought I didn’t qualify?” Coulson straight up told him that personality profiles weren’t important anymore and that SHIELD was calling Tony in because they NEEDED him??

So Tony, when a mentally unstable supervillain has a big-ass spear pointed at your chest, do you:

a) hold absolutely still and silent in the hope that his vision is motion-based like a T. rex’s and that he won’t be able to see you?

b) beg for mercy?


c) insult his dick?

Tony “when an emotionally unstable supervillain with superstrength and magical powers has a huge-ass spear pointed at my chest I call him impotent” Stark.