If you shoplift don’t reblog posts about respecting retail workers doing holiday seasons. 

It’s very clear you don’t respect them if you’re willing to ignore the fact that they say they risk being laid off, having fewer hours, etc. as a result of people shoplifting. You are fucking over someone’s livelihood. 

I’ve started taking photos of stolen merchandise I find around our store (empty boxes, torn open packaging, etc).

That money literally comes out of my paycheck. I’m struggling to pay my mortgage and still be able to feed myself, let alone my bills, medication, or even just A Nice Thing every once in a while.

(All of that is from two or three days, by the way. I could go on.)

If you shoplift, or condone shoplifting, go fuck yourself. Don’t fucking pretend you care about respecting me or anyone else working retail this holiday season, or ever. You clearly don’t.

I’m currently doing security for a mall and I have to deal with shoplifters quite often. Lemme tell you, they are some if the most self absorbed and stupid assholes I’ve ever met.

They are typically fairly young, around 12-21, and are not in hard spots in life. The mall I work for stocks some fairly high end products, so these things that these shitheels take are not necessities. They’re things like iPhones, makeup, jewelry, expensive clothes, and the like. They don’t need these things, and we know this because after we arrest their dumb ass we check their record with the police to determine what we will do with them.

One case I had to handle was a group of girls stealing hundreds of dollars in goods from stores that their friends worked at. They exploited the trust of their friends so they could get some fucking yoga pants. Upon my arrival and speaking to the shopkeep, it was decided that I would let them off the hook so long as the merchandise was to be returned. They returned most of it, but STILL stole from their friend’s store. Last I heard, they got busted trying the same stunt elsewhere, one of these idiots is currently in County.

Many of them, once caught, are already running a record as long as my fucking arm, and here in Utah retail theft cam escalate to a felony. Meaning, after enough reported cases of a person stealing goods (either by arrest or if they have video evidence of the person stealing) or after a certain dollar amount stolen the crime is moved from misdemeanor to felony and is punished as such.

To you shoplifting shits out there, quit while you’re ahead. You are ruining people’s lives for trinkets and you will be caught sooner or later. You will ruin your lives for absolutely nothing, and you will always be known as a dishonest individual and barred from numerous employment opportunities as well as losing certain rights.

If your employer is taking stolen goods out of your paycheck, that is wage theft. That is your employer paying you less than you are owed, as punishment for something you did not do. Please explain to me how shoplifters are responsible for your boss violating labour law? Why are we implicitly defending the cruelty of a person in a position of power threatening subordinates for things beyond their control?

Except they don’t literally deduct it from the worker’s paycheck. 

They give them fewer hours. Instead of giving them 40 hours in a week they may only get 16 hours that week as a result of people repeatedly shoplifting. Retail workers have repeatedly made posts about how shoplifters cause them to get laid off, get fewer hours, make it harder for them to pay their bills, etc. yet you still try to defend your own shitty behavior. It costs literally z e r o dollars to not shoplift and make shit harder for retail workers. Why is it that you’re so ready to make bad and rude customers take responsibility for making shit difficult for retail workers yet you can’t even do the same thing?

Not to mention y’all are stealing shit YOU DONT NEED when I worked at Target we didn’t have to deal with people stealing food, we dealt with people stealing literally dozens of electronics or, at one point, a woman walking out with at least $200 worth of clothes on her person. Fuck off with this “well it’s not MY fault” shit, you’re making my already hard retail job even harder

People steal electronics and makeup and batteries bc they have higher resale value than clothes and food. Though tbh if they’re taking it out of the packaging in store then it’s likely for personal use.

But yeah. Back when I was in supermarket retail I was like “why would one person steal 15 eyeliner pencils? How much eyeliner does she need??”, which my supervisor thought was adorably naive.

i totally agree with this post, but @tawghasa, that was incredibly naive. you don’t want to know how many eyeliner pencils i go through in a year. 

That is a good and fair call out. I still have my first eyeliner pencil from eight years ago. I have no idea how long make up lasts because I just buy it so I have something to fill my bathroom cabinet.

I really really hope no one who follows my blog needs to have it explained to them why they shouldn’t shoplift, but this is important so I’m reblogging.


me: *waits patiently in a line in a busy establishment with limited employees who can only work so fast

every 40+ person in the vicinity: OHHHHHHH MY GOD THIS IS RI-DIC-U-LOUS why is the space time continuum not being broken to IMMEDIATELY ACCOMODATE me, The Most Important Person In The World,

Often when I’m standing in line in a store or something, the clerk will look at me while they’re ringing up the previous person or whatever and say, “I’ll be with you in a minute.”

I sometimes reply with a pretend tantrum: “NOW NOW NOW!” in a baby voice, very briefly so they know I’m joking.

Unfortunately, the response from clerks and customers is usually, “Some people are like that!!!”




I feel like this is a very important thread considering a lot of people cut Hollywood abusers a lot of slack just because “they’re work is very good and entertaining”. There are plenty of other Hollywood actresses/actors that don’t pull off gross shit like this, support them instead…. At the end of the day, we need to put the victims first and stop letting this shit slide.

Full access to the thread incase anyone wants to open the sources.

I’ve added more sources to provide more evidence since these are very serious crimes and some people might not feel comfortable with just depending on a twitter thread:  

Woody Allen




Roman Pollanski




Victor Salva 




Bill Cosby 




http://www.cnn.com/2015/07/07/us/bill-cosby-quaaludes-sexual-assault-allegations/index.html (him literally admitting to raping women) 

Casey Affleck 




Mike Tyson  





Johnny Depp 





Charlie Sheen




Mel Gibson 





never not reblog this

As someone born in 1970, allow me to say that every single one of these things is better now than it was then.


Customers who get angry when I read them their total cost are so compelling to me. Take charge of your narrative, Janice. Be the hero of your own story. You are the one who is purchasing $113.67 worth of adult zen coloring books, Janice. It’s not me you hate, Janice. It’s not me.




i love how many men clearly hate women being successful. i love making men feel uncomfortable because i’m living my life and doing things better than them.

You’re a slightly below mediocre artist that no one has ever heard of 

I don’t think you’ve ever made anyone uncomfortable, sweetheart.  Do you even have a single colour in your palette that doesn’t look like it was mixed with pond water? 

im so confused i dont even do art. this is the funniest insult ive ever gotten. THEY INSULTED MY PALETTE. i love this







i’d take the cash and spit in their drinks

I fucking hate customers like this

Also unless you’re just getting like a few drinks, five is a shitty tip.

Honestly if I knew beforehand that the max tip u were gonna give me would be five bucks you’d get the most minimal degree of service I could provide.

Don’t do this. This is the most disrespectful thing on earth.

Wait staff are not your fuckin playthings for you to toy with and torment for pocket change worth of money, jesus fucking christ

everybody please stop being dicks to wait staff and retail workers ffs