don’t date someone who looks at a kid crying and rolls their eyes. more than likely they’ll do the same when you’re crying.

don’t spend time with anyone who thinks children shouldn’t be in public. kids live in the same world we do, they have a right to go see (age appropriate) movies the same as any adult.

don’t be that asshole who insists children are terrible when you’re terrible to them, too. kids have a right to not like people who treat them poorly. they don’t have to be polite to you because you’re an adult.

don’t be the dick who thinks of children as a hive mind or as having the same personality. kids are people… they’re just as varied in their personalities and opinions as any adult.

if you don’t want to be a parent, that’s fine. parenting is the heaviest responsibility in our society yet it’s treated as a societal expectation. but just because you’re certain you don’t want to raise kids, doesn’t mean you get to treat every child, who are people deserving of respect, like they’re less than human in any shape or form.

children are people and they deserve respect. my god, i can’t believe that i have to say it, but some of y’all apparently don’t know.

Finding kids annoying is one thing. Being a dick to them when they are still learning human rules is shitty. You’re the grownup, allegedly, deal with it and help them learn without being vicious.



dear caretakers of children: stop telling kids “I don’t care who started it!”. you’re teaching children to ignore unequal power balances. that leads to legitimate belief in things like reverse racism, misandry, heterophobia, etc. you’re teaching children that it’s wrong to retaliate when they are wronged. “who started it” is very, very relevant.

It can also teach them that defending themselves is wrong and set them up for abuse later in life.

It always matters who started it. One person is defending themselves, and one person instigated it. When you tell them you “don’t care who started it” you’ve taught one of them that if they defend themselves they will be punished for doing so. You’ve taught the other one that they can do whatever they wish to others, no one will punish only them for it, their victim will be seen as equally accountable for what happened.

Is that really a lesson you want your kids to absorb?



my friend’s four-year-old son wouldn’t go to sleep because he wanted to keep looking at the stars and she tried to bribe him with a piece of chocolate and he just said “would you rather get a reward or be happy” and turned back to the window

Oh my… God?



Her name is Gitanjali Rao

I’m glad someone  cares.  She’s a blessing.  #Flint #FlintWaterCrisis

Remember when the governor found out and spent millions to hire a PR
firm? Maybe he should’ve been getting someone to make these instead.

Jesus Christ. DROWN that girl in gold.