Lady Loki wip 2

It’s been a long time since I worked from greyscale to color. It’s pretty fun! (doing this in between commissions)



So by the end of this, my sharp brushes just…organized a coup and seized complete control of this painting. Their reign was one of blood, terror and absolute opacity.  

But, hm.
Guess she’s got her swagga back.

Now that, ladies and gents, is a strut.


Tony stares at the god-turned-goddess in front of him. No one else had noticed Loki’s transformation, which means that Loki wanted Tony (and only Tony) to see it. He gulps when Loki approaches, mouth suddenly dry even though he’s taken a sip of his drink a moment before. 

“That’s a neat trick, Princess. Or is it still Prince? Brings a whole new meaning to the word undercover,” Tony says, not so subtly checking her out. Is it an illusion? Or a full change? Is it even magic or just an ability Loki had been born with?

“Oh, this is not a trick, Stark,” Loki smiles, falsely demure. The glint in her eyes gives away the lie beneath her demeanor. “But I will be happy to show you some later.”

Her voice lowers to a purr that does things to him. Tony clears his throat and puts on his best smile.

“Why wait?”