what price do femmes pay every day for being femmes??? like as a femme lesbian i have no idea what most of that post is referring to. does it just mean like,, the hardships of being a lesbian? or a struggle specific to femme lesbians only



Yeah like the struggle of existing as a lesbian in the world, as opposed to just a feminine woman. I feel also like femmes get a lot of opposite-side-of-the-coin stuff to what butches get – hypersexualized and harassed, perceived as just in need of a man – because of the idea that femmes are weak-willed and really seeking men and can be “turned straight” at minor provocation. Like where butches are the lesbian “challenge,” femmes are assumed to be lesbians up for easy grabs.

the price to me is wanting to be seen as beautiful but only by women. it’s a balancing act. I want to feel pretty, I don’t want to attract the wrong kind of attention. 

When I came out in the 90′s, there was TONS of pressure throughout the Lesbian community to be butch. You’re not a real Lesbian if you carry a purse, you’re trying to appeal to men by wearing makeup, etc. I’m so glad there’s more acceptance of variety in the Lesbian community now.

I do wish there was a way to signal to men “this pretty dress is not for you, look at someone else”. 😉


A few years ago, when I was still in an all-girls catholic high school, one of my teachers told us in her weekly “it’s just a phase” lectures that lesbian relationships are toxic because unlike a man and a woman, two women understand each other completely, thus, making it harder for one to break up with the other, resulting in them being trapped in a lesbian relationship for the rest of their lives just because they got too cozy with having a partner that supports and cares for them.

Anyway can you imagine being straight and thinking that people understanding their partners needs are toxic im so glad i cant relate


i’ve been looking more at this book about wlw and early christianity (here’s a link if you’re interested and want to read a preview) and i have no clue what this quote is referencing yet since it’s literally on the first page of the text but i really love to imagine that ancient greek and roman dudes were so confused by the concept of a woman who’s attracted to other women that they had to turn to dream interpretation to make sense of it



*writes I LIKE GIRLS on every other page of my journals so future historians don’t try to insist that I’m straight”

Future straight Historians: “we see several examples of her prioritizing a sisterly bond with the women around her, for example on page 12 she says ‘I like girls’ and throughout the text she references loving women and preferring their company. This is not to say she prioritized above her romantic relationships because on page 78 she mentions talking to a man one time in her life. It’s hard to know just how much she valued her sisterly bond with women due to this one reference of men and the ambiguity of early 21st century slang. For example on page 12 when she said she liked women, the passage continues ’…in a lesbian way. I want to kiss girls, they are so pretty, I’m so gay.’ Now it’s difficult to understand just what that sentence means. We know that in the early 21st century kissing on the cheek in greeting had gone out of vogue but the word gay, a word with an archaic meaning of happiness gives the contextual clues that perhaps she is references that old fashioned practice.

Going back to the nameless man that is mentioned once on page 78 for one sentance…”


Today my biology teacher asked me what I found attractive in men and I said their girlfriends, that is by far the highlight in my school career so far




Yea it’s clearly our “generation that’s making homosexuality a trend.” Seriously, pisses me off when people say that. look at this! It’s always been around, it’s not a trend, it’s real. It’s beautiful.

These are really beautiful images.

History Lesson: In America from about 1700-1920 there was a social rule that said that women did not have a sex drive. According to men, all women ever were asexual and only ever had sex because their husbands wanted it and as a good doting wife they would open up for him. That said, lesbians flourished in this time! Because it was believed that women did not have sex, when two women would share a house and finances together (called a Boston Marriage, look it up!) nobody thought anything of it. Because clearly they werent homosexuals since clearly women were incapable of being independently sexual. The more you know!