For lokiwholockfactory , who enthusiastically supported my compulsion to add more voluminous hair (amongst other things I couldn’t stop touching once I started) to this other piece of fan art:

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First fill we did for the NorseKink Meme.

Plummeting into the abyss between the worlds, Loki manages to crash into another Loki, plummeting the other way.

So I totally thought that we had lost these files forever after my old external unexpectedly died last year but!!! It turns out we did, in fact, post it here.

Despite my instinctive cringe at the soft-shading and anatomy, I’m still really happy with these pages. Occasionally we get people asking if we’d continue it, but there really isn’t anything more I want to say, and we’ve been out of both fandoms for so long I don’t know what I’d do anyway.




Inktober Loki No.3, official word prompt: poison.

Make sure you keep your eyes open –
the quick
and the slow curl of lazy rings. 

The smoke purges
even as it poisons –
the little death –
It’s what you wanted.
It’s what you know.

[lines from my poem “Breathe Deep”–thank you @golikethatcat for sharing your beautiful works with us.]

No, thank you. You honor me by allowing my drawing a place beside your intoxicating words.