We’re excited about Thor: Ragnarok, but we have a question: why is it that Thor’s name keeps appearing in the title? It’s like that latest Iron Man movie mixup. You know the one: Captain America: Civil War? Somebody mischievous really should go around the set with a label maker to make things right.

Be a mischief maker around the office in this Marvel Thor Loki Blazer. This single-breasted faux leather jacket was inspired by the costume of everyone’s favorite Asgardian in Thor: Ragnarok. Purple and blue may not be as slimming as black and green, but it goes with a lot more in our closets.

Marvel Thor Loki Ladies’ Blazer

Just stopping in. I’m going to make the new tumblr I mentioned in November; I have some really busy weeks ahead of me so when I’m done with what I need to do would probably be a good time to launch it.

But I wanted to share these pics of myself at NY ComiCon, in my Hot Topic Loki dress that I’m only now able to fit into and am so excited about being able to wear: